The most common approaches (at the discretion of the surgeon and cardiologist) are exercise restriction and surgical procedures, depending on several factors following careful evaluation with experts and studies performed.

Exercise Restriction

Exercise restriction is used to decrease the risk of SCD, however it is unknown if this truly has an impact. Moreover, this can be difficult because:

  • Children are competitive and active by nature.
  • There is still a possibility of SCD with minimal activity that would not necessarily be prevented with exercise restriction.
  • Exercise is both a physical activity and a way to connect with peers. Asking a child to refrain from activities can create psychological and emotional consequences.
  • In the long term, exercise is important for overall cardiac health, and exercise restriction may increase the risk of cardiac events in the future.

Our Approach

Our team at Texas Children’s Hospital looks at each patient as an individual and formulates the best plan of care/recommendation. This may be surgical intervention or clinically monitoring the patient regularly in the cardiology clinic, with the goal of returning to full exercise activities, without restrictions, whenever possible.

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