The Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program offers a full spectrum of services, procedures and testing delivered by experts in this growing subspecialty. Our multidisciplinary team of congenital heart disease specialists, who are trained in both pediatric and adult congenital heart disease, advises physicians and patients on the wide spectrum of medical problems that congenital heart disease patients face throughout their lives. Our team of experts has immense amount of experience in treating this population using medical, surgical and cardiac catheterization methods. We perform non-invasive imaging and electrohysiology studies as well as provide genetic testing and obstetric services.

Using the most advanced equipment and technology, our specialists can run the following tests and procedures to care for this growing population:

ASD/PFO closure
Cardiac catheterization
Cardiac CT and MRI
Cardiac problems in pregnancy
Electrophysiology (arrhythmia) services
Exercise stress tests
Fetal ultrasound
Heart transplantation

Additionally, the Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program focuses on education and counseling to ensure our patients can monitor their own health and deal with the non-cardiac issues that often accompany congenital heart disease. Our social worker is experienced in providing our patients with the resources they need to overcome the psychosocial issues that challenge many congenital heart disease patients, allowing them to live a healthy and anxiety-free lifestyle.