Finding Private Insurance

IF you are not eligible for public insurance programs, consider these options:

  • Are you in school?

    • You may still be eligible for insurance through your parents.
  • Are you in college?

    • The college you attend may offer insurance if you are eligible.
  • Are you employed?

    • Your employer may offer insurance.
  • Did you recently change jobs?

    • If so, is COBRA available to continue your insurance from your previous employer? Check with the human resources office of your previous employer for more information.
  • Have you tried contacting health insurance companies?

    • Contacting health insurance companies is important to learn if they will insure you and if so, what the coverage and premiums will be.
    • Ask about hospital only or major medical only coverage if either of these options would work for you.
  • Last resort, do you self-pay?

    • Ask to speak with your provider’s office manager or financial counselor. You may be eligible for a reduced fee or you may be able to work out a payment plan.
  • General information about health insurance in the State of Texas can be found at:

 For more information about finding health insurance visit: 


Important Notes:

  • It can be financially devastating to be self pay. Should an emergency or new diagnosis occur, your medical expenses could be much more than you can afford.
  • If you are in an emergency and you go to an emergency room. State law forbids emergency rooms from refusing care, even when the person does not have medical coverage.

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