Common Billing Questions

Find Answers to Your Most Common Questions About Your Bill

What are the business office hours?

The business office is open from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday - Friday. Our phone number is 832-824-2300.

How/where can I pay my bill?

Learn more about how to pay your bill.

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes. Online bill pay is available for Texas Children's Hospital billing statements only.

I owe Texas Children's Hospital money for a previous visit. Can I still bring my child to Texas Children's for treatment?

Yes. Texas Children's financial counselors can help you with unpaid bills and find help to pay future bills. For assistance, please call 832-824-5505 between 8 am and 5 pm weekdays.

Will I receive an itemized statement?

Itemized statements are not automatically sent each time your child visits the hospital. You may request an estimated statement of charges upon checkout. However, your itemized statement may not be available for approximately 10 days after discharge.

Why did it take so long to receive a bill?

Texas Children's Hospital will not bill you for the amount you owe until your insurance company has paid or denied its portion.

I sent in a payment for my account but it was not applied. Why?

If there is not an account number on your payment specifying which account you wish to be credited, Texas Children's Hospital will post payment to your oldest outstanding account.

Can I pay Texas Children's Hospital for a visit prior to receiving a bill?

Yes. Many people know the amount of their portion of the bill, and Texas Children's will accept payment prior to the insurance company payment.

If I am due a refund, why can’t I get one the day I request it?

Texas Children's Hospital must follow several steps before issuing a refund. This process can take up to 30 working days after a request has been made.

Does Texas Children's accept my insurance plan?

Please see a list of all the health plans accepted by Texas Children’s Hospital.

Is Texas Children’s Hospital a preferred provider for my insurance plan?

The best way to determine if Texas Children's is an in-network or preferred provider is to check with your insurance company, your employer’s benefits coordinator, or review our list of health plans accepted.

Who is responsible for getting an authorization or pre-approval for a particular service?

Texas Children's will try to get authorization from your insurance company for services provided; however, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that services have been authorized or pre-approved.

Why didn’t Texas Children's Hospital bill my insurance?

There are a number of reasons why Texas Children's would not have billed your insurance. Please call our customer service department at 832-824-2300 for assistance.

Why am I being asked to contact my insurance company to get payment sent to Texas Children's Hospital? Isn’t that the hospital’s responsibility?

Occasionally, Texas Children's will experience difficulty obtaining payment and will ask you to help. There are many different reasons why an insurance company will withhold payment, and the insured member can usually resolve the problem.

Why am I getting multiple bills for my child’s visit to Texas Children's Hospital?

You will receive a bill from Texas Children's for facility fees, services and supplies. You will receive a separate bill for professional fees from Texas Children’s Physician Services Organization for the physicians and radiologists who treated your child during his or her hospital stay. You may also receive bills from anesthesiologists (doctors that administer anesthesia) or pathologists (doctors that read lab work) or even outside labs, if required by your insurance policy.

Why do I get a bill for each visit to Texas Children's Hospital?

Texas Children's uses a billing system that produces a bill for each visit to the hospital or outpatient facility. Each date of service is billed with a unique account number.

Since my child comes to Texas Children's several times a month, what can I do to reduce the number of bills I receive?

The majority of bills that an insured member receives are for deductibles, copays or coinsurances. You can reduce the number of bills you receive by paying these amounts at the time of your visit.

Why am I getting calls from someone outside of Texas Children's Hospital?

Texas Children's has business partners that assist in the collection of payments from insurance companies and responsible parties. These partners are not connected to a collection agency that reports to a credit bureau.