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Tips for searching Ewing sarcoma clinical trials

Given below is the link to a web-based tool that searches the registry that currently lists over 200,000 clinical studies with locations in all 50 States and in over 190 countries. In order to find Ewing sarcoma trials with relative ease, use the following recommendations/tips:

  • For Search Criteria, enter “neoplasm” in the condition field. Many clinical trials that enroll patients with various solid tumors (including Ewing sarcoma) are registered under this condition.
  • Entering “Ewing sarcoma” in the condition field to select trials that are specific only to Ewing sarcoma which may be a much shorter list than searching for trials that includes more than one solid tumor.
  • If you are interested in open trials for a particular drug, you can search by entering the name of the drug or company name in the keyword field.
  • Choose Birth-17 age to narrow down your search for clinical trials enrolling young children.
  • Choosing “Therapeutic” for study type will generate a more specific treatment trials list than choosing “All”, which includes research with no therapeutic intent.

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