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E.g., 03/2019
July 03, 2018 | Annie W. Kerr, MD, FAAP
Taking “The Wonder Weeks” with a grain of salt | Texas Children's
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Whether you’ve had a baby in the past few years or you’re currently pregnant, some well-meaning friend has probably recommended getting your hands on a copy of “The Wonder Weeks.” Many tout this No. 1 bestselling book as the closest thing to an instruction manual on babies for new mothers worldwide, alongside the award-winning smart phone app that helps parents track their baby’s mental development with personalized weekly calendars. As a pediatrician and a...

July 02, 2018 | Gerrie Bourque, mother of patient
Tyler Bourque | Texas Children's Hospital
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My son Tyler was born with Down syndrome and autism. Because of this, his verbal communication has always been limited.

When Tyler was born, he didn’t have regular bowel movements and frequently experienced abdominal distension. His pediatrician felt these symptoms were a result of the low muscle tone associated with Down syndrome. We tried various tactics to increase his mobility, but didn’t have any success. This was before the days of the internet, so I went to the library to do my own research. I found a book with one sentence mentioning that if a baby with Down...

June 28, 2018 | Mary Frances Musso, DO
Swimmer's Ear | Texas Children's Hospital
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It’s the perfect time of the year to go swimming in your backyard pool, neighborhood lake or local beachfront, but an easily avoidable foe is always lurking around the corner and ready to inflict some pain – swimmer’s ear.

Swimmer’s ear, medically referred to as acute otitis externa, is an infection of the ear canal – the passage carrying sound from outside of the body to the eardrum. Swimmer’s ear is primarily brought on by bacterial infection, most commonly from pathogens like Pseudomonas aeruginosa and...

June 27, 2018 | Sara B. Rizvi, MD, FAAP
Exercise Habits | Texas Children's Hospital
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It’s summertime! If your children are home from school, this is a great time to take advantage of opportunities encouraging physical activity and to also begin instilling a lifelong passion for activeness and exercise in them. 

Being physically active has numerous long-term benefits for infants, young children and adolescents, including healthy weight management, bone growth and improved sleep quality. In addition, encouraging your children to remain active is one of the best ways of ensuring their optimal health...

June 26, 2018 | Trudy Leidich, assistant vice president, quality and safety
Rankings | Texas Children's Hospital
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It’s another exciting day here at Texas Children’s Hospital. Today, we get to proudly share our hospital is recognized as the best place in the country for pediatric cardiology and heart surgery, as well as pulmonology, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Texas Children’s is consistently named a leader in pediatric care nationally. For the second year in a row, we rank as the best place for children in need of...