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E.g., 06/2021
January 21, 2020 |
Texas Children’s Young women's bleeding disorder

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What is a bleeding disorder?

A bleeding disorder is a condition that predisposes an individual to an increased risk of bleeding, as well as easy bruising, either spontaneously and/or after trauma or surgery.

What can cause a bleeding disorder?

A bleeding disorder can be due to either a deficiency or defect related to blood clotting or platelets that circulate in the blood. It can be an inherited condition or acquired later in life as a result of other...

January 16, 2020 | Bernadette S. Haggerty, MD, FAAP
Potty Training | Texas Children's Hospital
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Many children are easy to potty train and some even train themselves. Some wake up one day and start using the potty and never look back. However, for those parents who are having a more difficult time potty training their child and have not found luck with every other method of training, there is one other method to consider.

A mother recently told me, "I don't get it. We have done sticker charts, bribed her with her favorite toys, promised to do some of her favorite things, give her treats, but...

January 09, 2020 | Elliot's Mom
Photo courtesy of Rebecca, patient's mom

Our older son, Benjamin, had just finished a piano recital and the children were enjoying a few refreshments. I was speaking to another mother when I heard my younger son, Elliot, violently coughing and I looked at him – his whole face was red! I screamed over to my husband, “David, Elliot is choking!” David knew Elliot wasn’t choking. Elliot had just had one bite of a muffin which he spat out into David’s hand. I grabbed Elliot and felt his heart racing. 

David grew up with a nut allergy which grew milder over time, so he immediately recognized that Elliot...

Photo courtesy of Rebecca, patient's mom

January 03, 2020 | Kerin, Doug and Olivia Mayne
Olivia | Texas Children's Allergy and Immunology

Photo courtesy of Kerin Mayne

For children with severe allergies, an activity as simple as attending a baseball game can quickly turn into an emergency room visit. From peanuts to milk to soy, living with a food allergy is not merely about avoiding certain foods; it can also mean avoiding places and activities. Luckily for Olivia Mayne, Texas Children’s Food Allergy Program recently worked with the staff at Aramark at Minute Maid Park to create an allergy-free baseball experience this past season so kids with an allergy could watch an Astros game.

During this particular game, a handful of children with...

December 30, 2019 |

2019 was a unique year at Texas Children's Hospital. We had millions of patient encounters from all over the world, we used groundbreaking technology to freeze tumors, we connected with cancer patients and their families on a different level, we brought families together through several patient family community eventswe gave answers to families of patients facing rare diseases, and so much more. Looking back on such a successful year, we are reminded that our patients are at the center of Texas Children's and we are so privileged to serve them now and in the...