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E.g., 11/2020
July 11, 2019 | Renata Souza Maricevich, MD
Social media | Texas Children's Hospital
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As a craniofacial and pediatric plastic surgeon, my routine is to come up with different ways of making children and adolescents look and feel better, to facilitate their social insertion. I am a big advocate of beauty and elegance but, first and foremost, health.

There are well-known diagnoses, such as body dysmorphic disorder, in which a person’s slight flaw is perceived as a significant and prominent problem, often causing severe emotional distress.

But now, more than ever, I have been very worried about the increasing number of...

July 09, 2019 | Shraddha S. Mukerji, MD, FACS
Checking breath | Texas Children's Hospital
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You’re probably quick to detect a whiff of bad breath, especially when it’s coming from your own mouth. The smell might also be difficult to ignore if it’s coming from someone you’re in close contact with, such as a partner or child.

It’s undoubtedly a common occurrence; bad breath is estimated to affect 1 in 4 people across the globe. It can also be a source of worry and embarrassment. However, if your child is persistently experiencing bad breath – or halitosis – it’s important to investigate what’s causing it.

July 05, 2019 | Kevin A. Kaplan, MD
Bed wetting | Texas Children's Hospital
What you need to know about nocturnal enuresis
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Nocturnal enuresis, or bed wetting at night, is a common problem for children. Most of...

July 01, 2019 | Texas Children's Hospital
Single-Visit Surgery | Texas Children's Hospital
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We know the demands on a family’s time are increasing. Major retailers in other industries are reacting to this need by providing more convenient ways for you to check things off your to-do list quicker.

From online ordering to curb-side pick-up, finding ways to meet your family’s needs faster is both appealing and appreciated. So, when possible, why can’t health care offer similar convenience?

It may surprise you, but at times, it can. Through a program known as ...

June 27, 2019 | Rogelio Gonzalez, psychology extern and Ph. D. candidate, The Center for Children and Women Greenspoint
Sleep | Texas Children's Center for Children and Women

¡Llego el verano! Para muchos niños, el verano es una temporada muy emocionante llena de actividades divertidas.

Para muchos padres, nuestros horarios de trabajo solo nos permiten estar con nuestros hijos por las tardes. Houston es especialmente caluroso y húmedo durante el verano, y es por eso que familias a veces prefieren las actividades nocturnas.

Para los niños puede ser difícil mantener un horario de dormir o una rutina consistente durante el verano. Durante el año escolar, el horario de clases ayuda a que nuestros niños mantengan su rutina y se duerman y despierten a la misma hora cada día. Los niños disfrutan de la...