E.g., 12/2020
E.g., 12/2020
January 28, 2020 | Shraddha S. Mukerji, MD, FACS
Sport injury | Texas Children's Hospital Orthopedics

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Nasal injuries are very common in children. They may occur in isolation or may be associated with other facial fractures, like the bone around the eye, and fractures of the upper and lower jaw. The leading causes of injury include unintentional falls, sports-related injuries and motor vehicular accidents (MVA).

Accidental falls account for the majority of nasal injuries in children aged 5-12 years...

January 27, 2020 | Nancy M. Hurst, PhD, RN, IBCLC
Breastfeeding questions | Texas Children's Hospital

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We live in a high-tech world these days. This is obvious when pregnant women ask if they need to buy a pump when they breastfeed their baby. I usually respond with: your baby is the best pump you will have! He/she will stimulate your body to produce just the right amount of milk to meet his/her needs. By pumping in addition to breastfeeding soon after delivery you may create a much higher milk volume than your baby needs. Whereas that is a good idea if you plan on feeding the neighborhood...

January 21, 2020 |
Texas Children’s Young women's bleeding disorder

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What is a bleeding disorder?

A bleeding disorder is a condition that predisposes an individual to an increased risk of bleeding, as well as easy bruising, either spontaneously and/or after trauma or surgery.

What can cause a bleeding disorder?

A bleeding disorder can be due to either a deficiency or defect related to blood clotting or platelets that circulate in the blood. It can be an inherited condition or acquired later in life as a result of other...

January 16, 2020 | Bernadette S. Haggerty, MD, FAAP
Potty Training | Texas Children's Hospital
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Many children are easy to potty train and some even train themselves. Some wake up one day and start using the potty and never look back. However, for those parents who are having a more difficult time potty training their child and have not found luck with every other method of training, there is one other method to consider.

A mother recently told me, "I don't get it. We have done sticker charts, bribed her with her favorite toys, promised to do some of her favorite things, give her treats, but...

January 09, 2020 | Elliot's Mom
Photo courtesy of Rebecca, patient's mom

Our older son, Benjamin, had just finished a piano recital and the children were enjoying a few refreshments. I was speaking to another mother when I heard my younger son, Elliot, violently coughing and I looked at him – his whole face was red! I screamed over to my husband, “David, Elliot is choking!” David knew Elliot wasn’t choking. Elliot had just had one bite of a muffin which he spat out into David’s hand. I grabbed Elliot and felt his heart racing. 

David grew up with a nut allergy which grew milder over time, so he immediately recognized that Elliot...

Photo courtesy of Rebecca, patient's mom