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E.g., 10/2019
August 31, 2018 | Rosimar Suddeth, patient and mother of patients
Eva and Layla's story | Texas Children's Hospital
Images courtesy of Paul Kuntz and Rosimar Suddeth

The day we had longed for had finally arrived. We were pregnant – with twins! Our first-time parent excitement kicked into high gear. As the weeks went by, I delighted in taking weekly pregnancy photos and made it through my first trimester smoothly with all of the expected symptoms.

During my second trimester, however, all was going well until it was not. Our world was flipped upside down at 23 weeks gestation. I remember this day so vividly, too. I was at work when I experienced some leakage – not a significant amount, but also not minimal. In tears...

August 28, 2018 | Rayne H. Rouce, MD
Dr. Rouce's story | Texas Children's Hospital
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Hurricane Harvey, which brought catastrophic flooding to Houston last year, was a disaster that didn’t discriminate. It would be impossible to identify someone in Houston who wasn’t affected by the storm in some way. In fact, the mere mention of these two words is enough to evoke nausea and anxiety in most people I know.

Unlike many of my patients, colleagues and friends from Texas Children’s Hospital, I’m a Houston native and “hurricane historian” of sorts. When initial warnings on Harvey became concerning, many...

August 24, 2018 | Sachin Menon, father of patient
Serina’s story | Texas Children's Hospital
Images courtesy of Theresa Aldape

As a father, I often cherish the simple moments and shared experiences I’m granted with my children, including my 13-year-old daughter, Serina.

Serina is an eighth grader at The Village School, and she loves to dance, travel, read and hang out with her friends. She also enjoys basketball and plays percussion for her school’s band. Sounds like a typical teenager, right? Serina does pretty much everything you’d expect of a kid her age, but with one exception.

She has multiple food allergies – potentially life-threatening food allergies. These obviously...

August 22, 2018 | Harold J. Farber, MD
Busting 3 myths on e-cigarettes | Texas Children's Hospital
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In a recent blog, I addressed the rapidly increasing popularity of e-cigarette devices (and other electronic nicotine delivery systems) and criticized the companies behind them for boasting modern designs, tempting flavors and a false perception of safety to addict a new generation of smokers.

This false perception of safety often thrives through the many myths and unsubstantiated claims...

August 20, 2018 | Kristina Lakenmacher, RD, LD
Every child should start the day with breakfast | Texas Children's Hospital
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We always hear about breakfast being the most important meal of the day, but knowing this doesn’t exactly solve the challenge of feeding a resistant breakfast-eater. Now that it’s time to return to school and shift schedules, this might feel like even more of a morning battle.  

Kids and teenagers who eat breakfast tend to maintain sharper focus, increased energy, regulated appetite and a stronger immune system during the day. Without breakfast, the body doesn’t get the start it needs to function at its fullest...