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E.g., 02/2021
September 19, 2019 | Karin A. Fox, MD, MEd

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At first, I thought my then seven-year old daughter, Sophia, had her hair pulled up too tight in the “up-do” she got at her friend’s make-over birthday party. A perfectly round, dime-sized bald spot right under where her bun had been was staring right back at me. After about a week, instead of hair starting to fill in, it was closer to the size of a quarter.

Sophia’s hair was long and thick enough to easily hide the small spot, but since it seemed so irregularly, perfectly smooth, we went to the pediatrician to get it checked out. With a...

September 17, 2019 | Harold J. Farber, MD
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You may have seen several news reports of very severe lung disease and deaths from use of e-cigarettes. We know almost all of the ingredients in e-cigarettes can harm the lungs.  The flavoring chemicals can cause coughing, wheezing and sometimes severe lung damage. The vehicle (propylene glycol and glycerin) can damage lung cells and cause a type of pneumonia called lipoid pneumonia. The battery can blow up causing burns, facial injury, broken jaws and eye injury. Even the inhaled nicotine can be harmful.

There is no evidence that e-...

September 13, 2019 | Kelly and John, Kaylee's parents
Kaylee Tolleson | Texas children's hospital cancer and hematology center
Photo: Kaylee at Texas Children's Hospital Cancer and Hematology Center

When Kaylee Tolleson first complained of lower abdominal pain, Kelly and John Tolleson, Kaylee’s parents, did what any parent would, took her to an urgent care. To their surprise, when they got there, Kaylee was already feeling better, so the urgent care checked her and diagnosed her with severe constipation.

“Still, Kaylee would come down in the mornings complaining of pain in her lower abdomen, then, after 20-30 min, she would be feeling OK, ready to go to school or continue her day,” Kelly recalled. 

This happened every so often. Kelly would...

Kaylee Tolleson's ovarian cancer journey
September 11, 2019 |
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In 1996, I was on a return flight home following a week touring hospitals, clinics and orphanages in Romania. What I had seen on that trip shocked me. Children with HIV/AIDS were dying in droves at a time when new antiretroviral drugs were revolutionizing treatment of the disease in the Western world.

I spent a lot of time thinking through how to address this discrepancy in care and survival. It was on that flight home – scribbling ideas down on a legal pad – that the concept of what would later become the Baylor...

September 09, 2019 | Kathryn Hess, MMS, PA-C

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If your child is undergoing a surgical procedure, there can be a lot of stress and uncertainty surrounding the process. Your level of worry may even increase if your child then develops a fever after the surgical procedure. Although there are many causes of postoperative fever, below are four common questions parents have about postoperative fever.

What is technically considered a fever?

Fever is defined as a temperature greater than 100.4oF. After undergoing any surgical procedure, developing a fever during the...