Single-Visit Surgery: Come for a consult in the morning, have surgery that afternoon

July 1, 2019
Single-Visit Surgery | Texas Children's Hospital
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We know the demands on a family’s time are increasing. Major retailers in other industries are reacting to this need by providing more convenient ways for you to check things off your to-do list quicker.

From online ordering to curb-side pick-up, finding ways to meet your family’s needs faster is both appealing and appreciated. So, when possible, why can’t health care offer similar convenience?

It may surprise you, but at times, it can. Through a program known as Single-Visit Surgery, our teams combine a surgical clinic visit (otherwise known as a pre-op appointment) and the minor surgery procedure your child needs into one hospital visit.

To make an appointment at West Campus in Katy, please call 832-227-2787.

How it works

When your pediatrician or community primary care physician recommends a minor procedure for your child, a separate preoperative visit to confirm your little one needs surgery might not be necessary.

The additional visit might also create added stress for your family because you may have to take your child out of school, you yourself may need to take additional time off work, there’s travel to a potentially crowded hospital to consider where parking may be difficult.

“We were already dealing with a chaotic week, and I feared the entire process would take days,” reported one satisfied mother whose daughter got ear tubes at West Campus a few months back. “I’m so glad we went this route with Texas Children’s.”

To make an appointment at our Medical Center campus – Wallace Tower, please call 832-822-3135.

Is my child a candidate?

Children with straightforward surgical problems can be assessed in clinic and have their surgery on the same day, with the same results as if the child had a preoperative visit. Examples of the types of conditions and minor surgeries this convenient single-visit surgery can be done for, include children without a complicated medical history with:

  • Hand surgery
    • Finger fractures
    • Polydactaly
    • Trigger thumb/finger
  • Pediatric surgery
    • Epigastric hernia (any age)
    • Hydrocele (12 months and older)
    • Inguinal hernia (12 months and older
    • Umbilical hernia (3 years and older)
  • Otolaryngology (ENT)
    • Ear tubes
  • Plastic surgery
    • Keloid removal/revision
    • Mole/nevus removal
    • Scar removal/revision
    • Skin lesions or cysts

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