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Help Spread the Love

January 26, 2023
Valentines Day Blog

Three ways sending a Valentine’s Day card can brighten a patient’s day at Texas Children’s

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!

This year at Texas Children’s, we’re on a mission to hand-deliver special Valentine’s Day cards to every single child in our care . . . and you can help!

For children experiencing a stay in the hospital, life can be far from normal. Special holidays like Valentine’s Day can be very different when they are away from friends and family — and some might feel sad.

But you can help change that! This year, you can send a Valentine’s Day card of your choice — and we’d love it if you would share this opportunity with your network of friends and family. Every Valentine’s card chosen online will be printed and hand-delivered to patients at Texas Children’s.

Here are three things you’ll be doing to help our patients when you send a Valentine’s Day card.

Lifting their spirits

Do you remember receiving a Valentine’s card in elementary school and how special it made you feel?

For patients who have had surgery, ongoing medical issues and long hospital stays, receiving a Valentine’s Day card from you helps them know that they are loved and cared for, especially when they are having a tough time.

When you send a card to children in the hospital, your support lifts their spirits and reminds them that they are not alone — that they’re somebody special.

Spreading the love

It’s hard to be in the hospital for a fun holiday like Valentine’s Day, but we are going to make sure that our patients can celebrate and have a great day!

Help spread the love by sharing this opportunity to send a card on social media and multiply the love our patients receive. The ripple effect of just one social media share will help us make this Valentine’s Day one that the children in our care won’t forget.

Giving them hope

Choose a fun design or theme for your Valentine’s card — and then write a note to let our patients know that you are thinking of them and wishing them the best. This little bit of extra effort on your part gives patients hope and helps them feel brave, valued and encouraged.

What a difference one card can make!

Please take time right now to put a smile on a child’s face by helping us hand-deliver cards to every child in our care. Your support touches hearts and gives hope to those who need it most.