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June 12, 2012 | April Slater, mother of patient

Cooper Slater, HLHS Patient

June 11, 2012 | 1126

This month, HBO is airing a documentary entitled "The Weight of the Nation" urging Americans to view obesity as a public health emergency. We have all heard the statistics and they are grim.

"1 out of 3 children born in the year 2000 will develop diabetes."
“This is the first generation of children that will not outlive their parents."

June 07, 2012 | 1126

An article published recently in The Lancet added to the growing concerns about the risks of radiation associated with CT scans in children. The investigators concluded that children undergoing CT scans had a minimally increased risk of developing brain tumors and leukemia. When looked at carefully, the study translated to about one excess case of leukemia and one excess brain tumor for every 10,000 patients undergoing CT scans.

June 07, 2012 | 1126

When I was a little girl I loved to take care of people. I played with my dolls and cared for them using bottles, baby carriages and anything else I could get my hands on to make sure they were always neat and clean.

Long after I should have outgrown my doll years, those little dolls were still placed neatly on the shelves, practically in mint condition. I’d like to think that the years I spent caring for my little dolls was a sign that I would eventually go into the nursing profession.

June 06, 2012 | Marissa Harris, Sister of Patient

Marathon des Sables, Marissa HarrisOn April 8, 2012, I crossed the starting line with more than 850 people in the toughest foot race on Earth: the Marathon des Sables (MdS). The race is held in 6 stages over the course of 7 days, spanning 155 miles/240 km of the Sahara Desert in blistering heat (up to 120° F).