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E.g., 06/2020
November 07, 2012 | Elizabeth Perry, Mother of Patient

Anna Perry, 5 days old

November 06, 2012 | Dr. Marianna Sockrider, Pediatric Pulmonologist

Mom smoking cigarette near daughterMost people I meet know that tobacco smoke is unhealthy. Surveys show that both smokers and non-smokers generally agree on that point. But it always amazes me to learn how few smokers act on their beliefs. Fewer smokers have home no smoking policies, though most parents who smoke to say they smoke outside. Is that really good enough?

November 05, 2012 | 1126

Last week in my sports medicine practice 3 different parents asked me the same question: Is youth football safe?

In youth sports, we do see injuries that we don’t see in adult athletes, like certain fractures. However, it is clear that overall injury rates, as well as rates of severe injuries, are lower in youth football compared to high school or college football.

November 01, 2012 | 1126

Predicting the future is always a dubious endeavor. If I could really do it, I might have a slightly different job. Nonetheless, it is worth considering where we were not long ago and where we might be in the future.