E.g., 06/2021
E.g., 06/2021
November 18, 2020 | Kristen Beckworth, MPH, CHES, CPSTI
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Amid the COVID-19 global pandemic, children continue to deal with another crisis. Firearms, motor vehicle crashes, poisonings, drownings, and a lack of safe equipment and products which are taking their lives. Injuries are the leading cause of death and disability for children 1-18-years-old. Every day, 20 children die from preventable injuries, resulting in more deaths than all other diseases combined. This is an unfortunate reality for children around the world, in the United States and especially here in our greater Houston community. The...

November 13, 2020 | Virginia Depp Cline, PhD
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Due to the astounding number of stressors 2020 has thrown our way, namely, the COVID-19 pandemic, it is sometimes hard to think past our own daily needs just to get by. Nevertheless, broadening our focus to include acts of kindness towards others may actually be just the right medicine we need.

Kindness, research shows, has many benefits, including physical effects, such as lower blood pressure, fewer aches...

November 12, 2020 | Kishan Desai and Viena Cao
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Have you ever heard someone say they “don’t see color,” implying they treat others solely based on their character, without regard to their racial identity? Treating others with this approach is a well-intentioned attempt to help those who are different “fit in.” However, this approach avoids difficult conversations about race and ignores a large part of a person’s identity and experiences. The ideology of not seeing color in our relationships and interactions to avoid racial biases and discrimination is called...

November 02, 2020 | Peter R. Ermis, MD, Edward John Hickey, MD

Since 2004, the Adult Congenital Heart (ACH) Program at Texas Children’s has provided groundbreaking care, and on Nov. 4, the hospital will open a first-of-its-kind dedicated facility designed by and for adults with congenital heart disease. The 27,000-square-foot space, situated on the 24th floor of Texas Children’s Lester and Sue Smith Legacy Tower, will include a 16-bed inpatient unit, outpatient clinic, cardiac rehab gym, diagnostics lab and more. Read on to learn more from the medical and surgical directors of the program, Drs. Peter Ermis and Ed Hickey.

For additional information, visit...
October 21, 2020 | Tara Devezin and Dr. Jason Bacha

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When many people think about tuberculosis (TB), they consider it a long gone, archaic disease. Their minds might conjure up images of a bygone era – of “consumption,” overcrowded sanatoriums, and rows of patients lying outside in bitter cold air in hopes of relief. TB is often no more than a fleeting thought for much of the developed world…for it has been cred and eradicated, right? WRONG!

TB is the leading infectious disease killer in the world. Every year across the world, it causes disease and suffering in 10 million people and claims the lives of 1.5 million. Despite...