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E.g., 06/2021
February 13, 2012 | Rick Westfall, Father of Patient

During Heart Month in February, most people think of adults and heart disease. Too few realize that some 32,000 babies per year are born with congenital heart defects. In fact, it is the #1 birth defect, by far. Some of those defects are so major — such as hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS) — that babies have to undergo open heart surgery as newborns, followed by at least 2 other surgeries as they grow.

February 09, 2012 | 1126


February 08, 2012 | Natalia Herrera, Patient

My husband and I were surprised last November when the doctors found a 2nd heartbeat at my 6-week ultrasound. At the time we had an 18-month old little boy so the thought of doing what we did with him twice seemed like an impossibility.

Herera twin ultrasound at 6 weeks

February 07, 2012 | 1126

Breast milk does not usually contain much vitamin D, and the American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that all breastfed infants receive 400 IU/day of vitamin D via drops that contain that amount in each dropper.

February 06, 2012 | Dr. David Poplack, Director - Cancer and Hematology Centers

Disco Legends Check PresentationI couldn’t be happier to share the great news that we raised $32.2 million dollars for Texas Children’s Cancer Center this past Saturday night at a disco-themed benefit.