E.g., 06/2021
E.g., 06/2021
September 02, 2020 | Meredith Sorensen
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What do you do when your home becomes the classroom, the playground and the cafeteria, all in one? Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19, for many, back-to-school has been replaced with stay-at-home and the familiar structured routine of school days is going by the wayside. Parents around the nation are planning for some version of virtual learning this school year, which also means planning for meals that are typically provided by the school. This can feel overwhelming, but check out these tips to keep your child eating healthy and on some type of...

August 25, 2020 | Marianna M. Sockrider, MD, DrPH
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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we know you have to make many adjustments to stay safe and make hard decisions for your child about childcare and school attendance. It’s hard for us to give specific advice about these difficult choices because different schools or daycares may have different risks and even children with the same condition may have very different severity of lung disease. Although we cannot take the risk of contracting the virus away completely, this blog offers information about helping your child wear a face covering...

August 18, 2020 | Brenda Duran and Stephanie Chapman, PhD
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The Black Lives Matter movement is creating significant momentum for social change right now. Coming face to face with racial injustice and recognizing that opportunities for well-being are not equally available to Black people can be an emotional experience for many teens. In particular, White teens with a strong understanding of how their race plays a role in how they see themselves and how others perceive them might feel impassioned and motivated to join with others and make changes in their community. Some teens might feel confused, guilty...

August 14, 2020 | Dr. Sara Rizvi

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Wearing a mask or face covering is important for your child and family, and keeps your loved ones and community safe by helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Did you know certain activities like talking, laughing and singing generate respiratory secretions that are projected away from you and towards others? Yuck!

This is how many respiratory diseases spread. 

Covering your mouth and nose with a mask or face covering helps prevent the transmission of COVID-19 to others by blocking the spread of those secretions—and if...

August 03, 2020 | Dr. Amelia Decker

Everett is a happy child, always finding ways to have fun. He has a whole lot of energy and is always bouncing about. Most of the time, he has a wonderfully upbeat temperament, except when he doesn’t get his favorite goldfish snack. Now that makes him really mad and you will likely find him walking around stomping his foot! 

My husband and I feel grateful when he squeals with delight as he watches or reads about the antics of his favorite character, Buzz Lightyear, from Toy Story. Just a few...