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December 30, 2019

2019 was a unique year at Texas Children's Hospital. We had millions of patient encounters from all over the world, we used groundbreaking technology to freeze tumors, we connected with cancer patients and their families on a different level, we brought families together through several patient family community eventswe gave answers to families of patients facing rare diseases, and so much more. Looking back on such a successful year, we are reminded that our patients are at the center of Texas Children's and we are so privileged to serve them now and in the future. Here are some of the most touching stories of 2019. 

Tyson | Texas Children's Hospital Neurosurgery

Tyson celebrated one year free of seizures

Kaylee Tolleson | Texas children's hospital cancer and hematology center

 Kaylee overcame ovarian cancer

Leo's family discovered more about IRF2BPL mutation

Natalie's shoulder was restored to normal 

jason finney, jameson finney, sarah finney    

Jameson celebrated one year with his new heart 

Danielle | Texas Children's Hospital Orthopedics

Danielle returned to the gym

Maddie met her bone marrow donor in person

Paige's story | Texas Children's Hospital

We celebrated Paige's life story 

Emily Pinter | Juvenile Arthritis patient at Texas Children's Hospital

Emily found community while living with Juvenile Arthritis

Michela graduated as valedictorian in spite of her battle with brain cancer 

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