How pediatric hospitals earn a U.S. News & World Report badge

May 3, 2017


Year-after-year we’ve proven ourselves to be one of the best children’s hospitals in the country as ranked by U.S. News & World Report. We have earned a top place on their Best Children’s Hospital Honor Roll since 2009 when the pediatric honor roll was established. This recognition is reserved for those pediatric hospitals ranked in the top 10 percent in at least three subspecialties. When a pediatric hospital achieves this elite designation, U.S. News awards a badge of honor as a visual representation of excellence and quality. The honor roll badge is gold and blue and features the year in which the designation was received. There are also specialty-specific badges for pediatric hospitals that earn a top 10 ranking in individual specialty categories.

In the past decade, U.S. News has shifted the pediatric survey qualifications away from reputation-only scoring to a comprehensive, data-based survey. This process includes more than 1,500 questions broken out by specialty in three different categories: process, structure and outcomes. This pediatric ranking survey process differs from that of the adult hospitals which mostly leverages data from federal medical databases, like Medicare. Those types of databases don’t exist in the pediatric world which is why U.S. News relies on a comprehensive survey to calculate pediatric rankings.

It’s difficult to liken the adult and pediatric hospital badges because the adult rankings methodologies and honor roll qualifications are different. To qualify for the adult honor roll, hospitals need to rank highly in one specialty, and the honor roll is open to the top 20 hospitals nationally. Also, the adult rankings allow for badges to be awarded at a regional or metro-area level in addition to national rankings. In the pediatric listings, honor roll designation and badges are awarded only at the national level.

Texas Children’s Hospital is ranked 4th in the country by U.S. News and we “wear” our badges with pride. By sharing our rankings and showcasing our badges, we are signaling to our patients and their families we have the expertise, experience and outcomes to provide the best possible care for children.

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