Running can be fun!

April 17, 2017



Running can be a fun activity you enjoy with your children. What’s exciting is children are naturally inclined to be active. This means when they think of doing a physical activity they relate it to fun. Currently, many child fitness experts, as well as The Center for Disease Control (CDC), recommend 60 minutes per day of physical activity for children ages 7 to 12.

For children, running carries no greater risk for injury than any other sport or activity your child might participate in like soccer or basketball. No need to spend lots of money on running shoes for kids. Just about any running shoe will do as long as it fits well and is comfortable. As with any sport or activity, spending 5-10 minutes stretching before and after running can help prevent injuries. I would say, one of the main risks of distance running for children would be the chance of burnout. This occurs when a child develops a strong dislike for a particular sport or activity. Always make sure your child is still having fun. Before running, be sure to tell your child to let you know when they are tired or no longer having fun. Children tend to be pleasers, so if you think your child is tired or no longer having fun, use your best judgment and stop the activity.  

To make running fun for your child, try turning it into a game such as tag or race each other. You could even turn running into a scavenger hunt. When you turn running into a game, it allows kids the opportunity to experience different types of movements, problem solving and social interactions they would not obtain from say, running on a treadmill. Children who participate in sports activities with their parents are more likely to be active, healthier adults.

If you’re looking for a fun, family activity, join Texas Children's Hospital for the grand opening celebration of Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands by participating in the campus’ inaugural Texas Children’s Hospital and Houston Marathon Foundation Family Fun Run on Saturday, April 29, 2017 at Texas Children’s Hospital The Woodlands. The Family Fun Run at The Woodlands will be a 1 mile course and participants of all abilities, including those needing walkers and wheelchairs, are welcome.

To learn more about our Family Fun Run at Texas Children's Hospital The Woodlands, visit here.

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