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National Organ Donor Day: To my dear angel donor

February 14, 2017



To my dear angel donor,

Hi my name is Mavy, I’m17-years-old and thanks to you I am the happiest girl alive. I am a normal teen living the life every teenager deserves to live. You see, when I was 1-year-old I was diagnosed with biliary atresia (BA), which is a rare disease commonly diagnosed in infants. This disease affects your liver. With BA, the bile is kept in your liver, when it’s supposed to release it throughout the body. I only had months to live when my parents rushed me to the hospital. They were devastated when they learned the odds of me surviving where slim. My parents waited and prayed for a cure but the only thing they could do was wait for a donor.

Then one day you came along with hope for me when you gave me a part of your liver. My parents were so relieved to know that there was a chance they will see their very first baby girl live her life and be happy. My surgery was scheduled first thing in the morning and my family was so anxious to know the result of it. A couple hours later they got the biggest news any parent could receive – their child would be healthy like any other child.. Everything turned out great, until a week later when I got sick. I went into a comma and was in intensive care for two months, but my parents never stopped talking to me. Every day they would say that they want me to wake up and be with them. They want to hear me laugh and see me smile. I woke up and the doctors told my parents that I was a miracle because they knew I didn’t have a good chance of surviving.

I never met you and neither have my parents, but I can tell you were an amazing person and now part of you is alive in me. I promised myself that I was going to take great care of your gift and never do any harm to it. Here I am, about to turn 18-years-old next year with a wonderful life ahead of me because of you and your gift… I am happy! Because of you, I am alive. I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me. I’ve realized you must enjoy life as it goes on no matter how hard the situation may be and you always have to keep moving forward.

I am sure your soul is in a beautiful place right now and now I have the opportunity to share this beautiful world with your gift.

Thank you for giving me a chance to live this beautiful life.


Mavy Alvarado

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