Diabetes Awareness Month 2016

November 10, 2016


Type 1 Diabetes management

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month, so in an effort to spread awareness and provide support for youth and families living with diabetes, Texas Children’s Diabetes Care Center will be sharing blog posts throughout the month.

Our goal as a care team is to partner with kids and families to help them live a great life, with diabetes, from diagnosis until they graduate from pediatrics and move to adulthood. In addition to diabetes care visits with our team, we recognize the many things our patients do to take care of their health every day and night. This month, we’ll be sharing stories and perspectives about a variety of topics we hope help will inform and enhance day-to-day life for children with diabetes, including tips on planning for diabetes management in different settings and perspectives on the emotional and behavioral side of living with diabetes.

This November we encourage you to make a commitment to yourself or to the diabetes community – get involved to learn more, spread awareness or support others with diabetes. In addition to keeping up with our blogs, catching up on our past posts and making personal, local diabetes-related connections this month, here are some of the many ways to support the diabetes community:

So please stay tuned as many blogs will be coming your way this November for National Diabetes Awareness Month.

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