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Jacob's story

In January 2015 our family was changed forever. My son, Jacob, was diagnosed with an aggressive and advanced form of leukemia. Jacob had always been strong; it was devastating to see him go from playing football and basketball to being bound to a wheelchair. Although at times I felt like I was dying inside, Jacob remained strong. He was fighting for his life. Jacob never gave up.

I cry tears of sorrow when I think of what he went through, but now tears of joy as I see how far he has come. He is growing, thriving and I am so blessed to be able to witness it all. Jacob is now in his first year of high school and is back to playing football. He can finally do all the things he missed so much, the things we were afraid he may never be able to do again. He is now stronger because of what he endured; we all are. As a family, we suffered emotionally because of cancer, but today we smile, genuinely smile, because we have Jacob. I am proud of the young man my son has become, and I am so proud to be his mom. Thank you Dr. Alexandra Stevens and Texas Children’s Cancer Center doctors, nurses and staff for everything you did for Jacob.       

Yvette Munoz, mother of patient