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Changing the future of pediatric cancer treatment

Precision oncology is a term gaining popularity, but many are still unsure what that means. Precision oncology is tailoring cancer prevention and treatment strategies based upon the specific genetic mutations that are driving their individual cancer. We can study a patient’s blood to learn why the cancer occurred and whether other family members are at risk, then implement plans for testing and cancer prevention as needed for the patient and family. Similarly, determining the genetic sequence of a patient’s tumor can help us to decide what specific drugs might be most effective for their treatment. We apply state-of-the-art genomic testing to make the most informed decisions possible for the care of each child (and family) at Texas Children’s Cancer Center.

Experts in the Cancer Genetics and Genomics Program are leading cutting-edge research to understand how genome sequencing can be used to implement more precisely-targeted, patient-specific treatment plans and improve outcomes for childhood cancer patients.

Dr. Will Parsons, director of Pediatric Center for Personal Cancer Genomics and Therapeutics