We had it all

April 8, 2016



We had it all. We had two beautiful children (thanks to fertility treatments), a loving 16-year marriage and a wonderful extended family. Then, the bottom dropped out.

My husband was diagnosed with stage 2 colon cancer in 2010, at 38 years old, and again with stage 4 in 2014. As we prepared for his treatment, we began seeing a change in our 7-year-old daughter. We thought it was growing pains, the stress of sharing her life with her little brother, the seriousness of her dad’s diagnosis, bullying in school...the list of possibilities went on and on.

I finally took her to the doctor in March 2014 after about a month of questions. The doctor sent us to get an ultrasound and called me with blood test results. It was leukemia. Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) to be exact and our bottom got a little deeper.

Mia was in the hospital for seven days. We brought home a skinny girl who couldn't walk. This went on for about 30 days until she began gaining weight from steroids and finding her strength again. Through the grace of God, we were able to have her treated at Texas Children's West Campus. Those doctors and nurses…I can't say enough. They are absolutely priceless.

Mia's dad passed away in January 2015. Again, we found ourselves completely lost. With family, friends and God carrying us, we maintained our strong little family minus the man that loved us beyond all belief.

Mia flew through treatment with no issues and only two hospital stays due to a cold and a touch of pneumonia. She did homebound schooling through Katy I.S.D., which was another blessing. She was randomized, through a study, to the treatment arm that included the least amount of chemotherapy.  We jumped for joy.

Mia is the strongest, most beautiful, most loving and caring girl I have ever known. Her strength makes me fight a little harder every day and reminds me of all of the love God has given to us.

Mia finishes treatment in June 2016. Relapse will always hang over our heads. Cancer has become a way of life for us. However, we refuse to give in to the sorrow, self-pity and stress that surrounds us at times.  Life is too precious.

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