Where Are They Now: Lillian Grace

December 16, 2015


Lillian Grace was born in December 2011 with congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV), a common virus I contracted while pregnant which caused Lillian to have many health issues, the most devastating of which is intractable epilepsy. When her seizures reached several hundred daily we were completely devastated, but the wonderful team at Texas Children's had an answer for us. They offered us hope when we thought there was none.

In August 2013, the neurosurgery department at Texas Children's performed an 8 hour radical brain surgery called a hemispherectomy on Lillian, which removed parts and disconnected the entire right hemisphere of her brain. She emerged from the surgery a brand new child and soon after was walking and talking, something she could not do prior to the surgery.

We are so lucky to have world class care just minutes away and an amazing team who cares for Lillian just as they would their own child. Today Lillian is about to turn four and she is thriving at the Rise School, a special preschool affiliated with Texas Children’s. We feel immense gratitude daily for the many specialists at Texas Children’s who continue to help our daughter succeed.

The video above shares the long journey our daughter experienced at Texas Children's Hospital.

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