My Battle with Cancer

September 30, 2015



I was sick in the hospital. I had to stay there for 10 days but it felt like 100 days. I didn't like that because I had to get a needle in my hand and I had to get a port too. I felt better and I got to go home. I wasn't allowed to go to school, or the grocery store or birthday parties. My sisters got to go to school. The scariest thing about going to the hospital is thinking about how they have to put the needle in my hand. The best part about the hospital is that I get to bring all of my toys and the play room is pretty fun. You also get to hang out in your room with your family. I lost my hair. It was like super weird. I didn't like my head bald. Now I get to go to school and go to the store and go to birthday parties because I took the medicine! I'm so happy now!

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