Bringing Halloween Fun To Patients In Botswana

November 4, 2014



Being in the hospital during a fun holiday is tough, unless you have never heard of the holiday. Things we take for granted, like trick-or-treating every October, can be a very foreign idea in other parts of the world. To brighten up the dreary days of children with cancer and blood disorders in the hospital here in Botswana, we introduced them to the fun and frivolity of Halloween, American-style. The children were a little confused about wearing masks and seeing pumpkins with silly faces, but they took quickly to the idea of getting some “sweets” or candy in their goodie bags. Their treats included functional items to aid in their hospital stay. Some of these children have been in the hospital for months so anything we can do to make them smile is absolutely worth it.

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Post by:

Jeremy S. Slone, MD, MPH

Dr. Jeremy Slone, an Assistant Professor of pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) and Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH), specializes clinically in pediatric solid tumors. His clinical research focuses on pediatric cancer epidemiology in low and middle income countries (LMICs),...

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