Teenage Girls At Texas Children's Get A Day Of Beauty

Missing media item. The teenage years are known as some of the most difficult in a person's life. For girls battling a chronic or terminal illness, it's an especially tough time. Between the ages of 12 and 19 they normally develop their outer beauty as they develop their inner self and begin to understand their true inner beauty. For these patients, this time involves scars, sometimes an unpleasant change in their figure, and many times, treatments that cause hair loss. But all of that seemed to disappear on January 11 as the Texas Children's Hospital teenagers received a special visit. Glamour Squad, created by nationally-syndicated Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Radio Show, gave the girls a day of beauty and pampering. Jenna, along with the volunteers from the Aveda Institute, brought in all the makings to create a spa environment of beauty and relaxation. The day was filled with makeovers for hair, nails and makeup, topped off with massages. I work in the Child Life Department and the team took on this project when Jenna approached Texas Children's. These patients spend as much time, if not more, in the hospital setting than they do at school, home or out in the community. That makes it our job on the child life team to promote the growth and healing of the whole child as they struggle with all the same issues as regular teens but on top of that, battle their various diseases. This day of glamour was a sight to see. Many girls brought their moms. Both moms and daughters seemed shy and hesitant at first, but within minutes the smiles, giggles and chatting of everyday life began to buzz in the room. Except for the occasional beep from an IV pump, there were no signs or talk about the illnesses. As I walked through the room, it seemed like the wheelchairs and IVs disappeared! These girls and their moms were simply talking about how beautiful each looked and how great they felt. There was a sheer look of relaxation as they sat in a chair for their massage. It felt like we were a real spa. Glamour Squad reminded these teenage patients that they are more than just the illnesses that have interrupted their normal lives. They are truly beautiful girls developing into beautiful young women inside and out!