Chevron Pledges $6 Million To Expand Pediatric Care In Africa

December 15, 2011


As the president of Chevron Africa and Latin America Exploration and Production, I have had the opportunity to travel the world and meet people from all walks of life. My travels have taken me to some of the biggest cities and the most impoverished communities too.

When I visit communities in developing countries, the children who have huge smiles on their faces and seem grateful for the lives they lead despite the incredible challenges that surround them, including numerous health-related hurdles, humble me. It’s when I see these children that I am reminded how even the tiniest of investments can greatly improve their lives.

The energy business has taught me that as globalization continues to rise, it is absolutely necessary that we work together as an international community to share our resources. I am proud that Chevron is a company that believes in the necessity of contributing to the economic and social well being where we operate. It’s amazing to see the significant impact that our work with governments, nongovernmental organizations and aid agencies have on these communities.

In March 2011, we donated $4 million to Texas Children’s Hospital and BIPAI in partnership with the Angolan government. The funding helped establish a sickle cell disease screening and treatment program which has already saved thousands of lives. Today marks yet another significant milestone in the history of Chevron’s strategic global partnerships; Chevron has pledged $6 million to help expand the Texas Children’s Hospital Global Health Corps over the next five years. The goal is to build upon Chevron and Texas Children's Hospital’s relationships within the countries we work to treat other serious and life-threatening diseases including malaria, tuberculosis and cancer.

Through Chevron’s partnership with the Texas Children's Hospital Global Health Corps, we have the opportunity to train doctors, create infrastructure and build health systems.

I firmly believe that the work we do now is changing the future, which should give all of us something to smile about.

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