"Facing Meningitis" — The Importance Of Meningitis Immunization For College Students

November 30, 2011


Since adolescents ages 16-21 have the highest rates of meningococcal meningitis, it is important that young people receive the meningococcal meningitis vaccines before going to college.

The video below tells the story of two college students: Jamie Schanbaum, a University of Texas at Austin student who had both of her legs amputated because of meningitis in 2008, and Nicolis Williams, a Texas A&M University student who died in early 2011 from the disease.

This video includes content some may consider unsettling. Discretion advised.

We are grateful for the courage of these families in sharing their

personal stories so that we might prevent other families from experiencing the devastating effects of this disease.

To learn more about the meningitis vaccine and these families, consider reading Vaccine-Preventable Disease: The Forgotten Story, co-written by Texas Children's own Dr. Carol Baker and Dr. Julie Boom.

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