When I Had The Flu I Felt Terrible

After a bad case of the flu, Mary, a 9-year-old TCPA patient, wrote about her experience. See the original handwritten letter below. Special thanks to Mary for sharing her story.

little-girl-with-flu-near-flowers"When I had the flu I felt terrible. At the time I got the flu I couldn't get a vaccine or shot [Mary had the H1N1 strain of the flu in 2009 before a vaccine was available].

I felt bad for seven days. All I did was play war and read and watch TV. I got breakfast in bed every day. When I had to use the restroom my dad had to carry me. I felt so bad I could hardly move! This year I am going to get the flu mist. I hope everybody gets the flu mist or shot."

Flu shots and flu mist are now available at all TCPA practices. With over 40 locations in and around Houston, we're in your neighborhood.

Mary, 9-year-old TCPA patient