Back To School: Why Vaccines Should Make Your Back To School List

August 9, 2011


As summer starts to wind down and you begin making preparations for the upcoming school year, you may or may not have vaccines on your back to school list. While most parents know vaccines are required for school entry, they may not realize the purpose of such requirements or why vaccines are so important for school-aged children.

Every year schools across the U.S. and Texas welcome hundreds and thousands of kids onto their campuses. In and of themselves, schools are communities where outbreaks can occur and diseases can spread very quickly.

Kids swap notes, lunches, and yes, even germs. Vaccines are an excellent way to prevent disease, keep your kids healthy, and keep them in school.

To learn the top 10 reasons why vaccines should make your back to school list, check out the webinar that Laura King and I hosted. Vaccines save millions of lives each year. By doing our part to protect our kids, we are creating healthier families, schools and communities.

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Laura King is the health education nurse for the Texas Children's Hospital Immunization Project. Laura worked as an elementary school nurse in the Houston area for 10 years before joining the Texas Children's Hospital Immunization Project team.

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