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Kids ages 5-11 need to get that vaccination (CNBC – October 7)

Local experts offer parents tips for in school and virtual classes (Defender – October 7)

Texas schools are reporting fewer COVID cases, state and local data show  (Houston Chronicle – October 5)

Too young for vaccines, too fidgety for masks. How do we keep toddlers safe? (The Today Show – October 4)

Sunday Conversation: What parents need to know about emergency care for their children during the pandemic (Houston Chronicle – October 3)

'Times are changing': Dr. Catherine Gordon becomes first woman to serve as chief pediatrician at Texas Children's Hospital (Houston Chronicle – October 1)

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Parents excited to enroll children in COVID vaccine study (Spectrum News – September 23)

New moms fight for their lives away from newborns, as Houston sees rise in pregnant COVID patients (Houston Chronicle – September 22)

Number of children hospitalized with COVID-19 in Houston rising at worst time possible (CBS 11 KHOU –  July 29)

Texas Children's Hospital reports increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations due to delta variant (FOX 26 KRIV – July 29)

RSV and COVID spikes clashing, especially in small kids, doctors say (ABC 13 KTRK – July 29)

Dr. Peter Hotez: We can still ‘vaccinate our way out of this’ (Texas Standard – July 29)

What the CDC's 'substantial' and 'high' levels of Covid-19 transmission actually mean (CNN – July 28)

Texas reports more than 10,000 new cases of COVID-19 in a single day for the first time since February (CBS 11 KHOU – July 28)

The delta COVID-19 variant is spreading fast. How worried should we be? (The Dallas Morning News – July 28)

Editorial: Gov. Abbott, if you won't lead on masks, get out of the way so school leaders can (Houston Chronicle – July 29)

Texas Children's confirms it has some COVID kids on ventilators [UPDATED] (Houston Press – July 27)

Houston doctor's first-of-its-kind surgery gives 6-year-old with spina bifida a 'remarkable life' (Houston Chronicle – July 27)

Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women announces $201M expansion (Community Impact Newspaper – July 27)

Delta variant: Third Covid shot may be way around masking, says Dr. Peter Hotez (CNBC – July 27)

Where do vaccine trials for kids stand in Houston? (ABC 13 KTRK – July 27)

Fisher-Price baby rockers recalled after infant deaths (KXAN – July 27)

COVID-19 vaccine developed in Houston could help developing countries (Reform Austin – July 27)

States react to CDC mask guidance change; Tokyo sets record high for daily cases as 16 more test positive at Olympics: COVID-19 news (USA Today – July 28)

Texas Children's Pavilion for Women adding former Baylor Clinic building in $201M expansion (Houston Business Journal – July 26)

Texas Children's Pavilion for Women announces $201M expansion; Here's what is changing (NBC 2 KPRC – July 26)

As cases of COVID variant rise, parents, teachers worry anew about in-person classes this fall (Houston Chronicle – July 26)

Pediatricians reminding parents to get back to school booster shots (CBS 3 KBTX – July 26)

Vaccinated or not, masks still a wise precaution, experts say (Star Tribune/New York Times – July 22)

Hidalgo raises Harris County COVID threat level as delta variant rages, hospitalizations double (Houston Chronicle – July 22)

Dr. Peter Hotez: Delta variant 'like nothing we've seen before,' expect rise in hospitalizations (Houston Chronicle – July 23)

Just how worried should I be about the Delta variant? (Vogue – July 22)

How dangerous is the delta variant to children and young people? (AS English – July 23)

'Let's all wear masks again': Judge Hidalgo increases Harris Co. COVID threat level, encourages vaccinations (CBS 11 KHOU – July 22)

Harris Co.'s COVID threat level raised from yellow to orange in midst of latest spike (ABC 13 KTRK – July 22)

The rise in US COVID-19 hospitalizations is a self-inflicted wound, expert says (CNN – July 23)

Child cases of COVID-19 are rising as schools gear up to reopen. But vaccines for the youngest are still months away (CNN – July 22)

Texas Children's sees uptick in COVID-19 cases, offers advice to parents ahead of school (CBS 11 KHOU – July 21)

Traumatized Arkansas hospital workers struggle as COVID surges among unvaccinated (PBS – July 21)

COVID Help Desk: Erectile dysfunction, and what to know about the lambda variant (Houston Chronicle – July 22)

Johnson & Johnson vaccine recipients consider COVID-19 booster shots as delta variant spreads (Houston Chronicle – July 22)

What top pediatricians want you to know about the delta variant and children (NBC News – July 21)

Delta variant now accounts for 83 percent of new COVID cases (NBC News – July 20)

Houston hospitals are seeing a 'fourth wave' of COVID-19 (Houston Public Media – July 20)

Do vaccinated people need to mask up? Houston health experts weigh in amid COVID surge (ABC 13 KTRK – July 21)

Texas Medical Center COVID-19 hospitalizations rise as delta variant spreads rapidly (FOX 26 KRIV – July 21)

Fourth COVID wave on the horizon, could overwhelm emergency rooms, Houston medical leaders warn (Houston Chronicle – July 21)

5 healthcare innovation trends to keep a close eye on (Becker's Hospital Review – July 20)

Texas doctor: 'We are now seeing rapid spread of the Delta variant in children' (Texas Standard – July 19)

Dr. Peter Hotez: Houston should be concerned that 'too many people' are not getting vaccinated (Houston Chronicle – July 16)

Can this Houston-born COVID vaccine save the developing world? (Texas Monthly – July 16)

Biden Battles a Triple-Headed Monster on Vaccines (The Daily Beast – July 19)

RSV: Why common winter virus is surging this summer (FOX 26 KRIV – July 16)

How to stop the next pandemic: New book details what must be done before next coronavirus sweeps globe (CBS 11 KHOU – July 16)

Connect the Dots: School is looming and the COVID-19 variant is booming (MSN – July 17)

STUDY: 73 percent of women don't treat their menopause symptoms (FOX 26 KRIV – July 15)

Haunted By Past Virus Surges, California Leans on Masks and Vaccines (CNN – July 16)

Backstory: Can we go to a movie? Parents stress about unvaccinated kids; Tennessee rolls back outreach for shots (USA Today – July 16)

Peter Hotez, MD, PhD, on understanding the origins of the pandemic (AMA – July 15)

New Covid-19 vaccine candidate provides effective option for low- to mid-income countries (News Wise – July 15)

Are play dates safe? What about flights? A guide for parents of unvaccinated kids (USA Today – July 14)

Young children will pay the price if enough US adults don't get vaccinated against COVID-19, expert says (CNN - July 14)

Why a COVID-19 vaccine isn't available for kids yet (CNN – July 15)

'It's limbo': Parents stuck between two COVID worlds as young kids remain unvaccinated (USA Today – July 14)

Pediatricians weigh in on 'unprecedented' surge of RSV infections among infants, toddlers this summer (Yahoo News! – July 13)

A Big Picture: Weighing the risks and benefits of COVID vaccination (Hamodia – July 12)

With an uptick in COVID-19 cases, there is growing alarm. 'We've seen almost an entire takeover in the Delta variant,' one state official says (CNN – July 10)

Doctors say 2nd dose is needed for new COVID variant (ABC 13 KTRK – July 9)

Why CIOs think patients could warm up to clinical AI (Becker's Hospital Review – July 9)

Family celebrates success of novel in-utero procedure at Texas Children's Hospital (FOX 26 KRIV – July 7)

The people's scientist (Texas Observer – July 7)

With Delta variant spreading, experts split on whether to test vaccinated people for COVID-19 (CNN – July 8)

Delta variant is 'COVID-19 on steroids,' expert says, with cases increasing in nearly half of US states (CNN – July 8)

CDC study finds only 11 percent of pregnant women are fully vaccinated for COVID-19 (CBS 11 KHOU – July 6)

Faced with the possibility he may never walk, Louisiana boy breaks barriers and competes in fishing tournaments ( – July 5)

At the start of the pandemic, kids made up 2% of new COVID infections. Now, they make up 24%. What happened? (USA Today – July 3)

Doctors worry holiday weekend could lead to COVID-19 clusters among unvaccinated as delta variant spreads (Spectrum News –  July 2)

When could babies and toddlers get the COVID vaccine? (ABC Australia – July 5)

La importancia de concientizar a la comunidad sobre los ahogamientos de menores (Univision Houston – July 2)

Texas Children's Hospital named best pediatric center in the nation (ABC 13 KTRK – July 2)