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Rise in cases also includes spike among children hospitalized with COVID-19 ( – January 12)

Texas hospital researchers develop new Covid Vaccine (710 KEEL – January 12)

Is Covax finally going to vaccinate the world? (Vox – January 13)

Look beyond mRNA vaccines to maximize global coverage (Mint – January 12)

The U.S. has hit a new record for the number of children hospitalized with COVID-19 (NPR – January 11)

From Europe to the US, Covid cases in children are surging. Schools aren’t prepared ( – January 11)

Creator of patent-free Covid-19 vaccine: ‘Multinationals should be more altruistic when calculating their profits’ (El Pais – January 12)

Flurona: Worrisome but no need to panic (Medpage Today – January 11)

American Nurses Association supports the Covid-19 vaccine booster recommendation for children ages 12-15 (Health Leaders Media – January 12)

The Body Scientific: Omicron, mutations, and medical updates (The Berkshire Edge – January 11)

Warning for Australia as record-high number of children hospitalised with Covid in US ( – January 12)

Canada’s dangerous COVID delusion (The Tyee – January 12)

Omicron-specific vaccines could be ready by March. Will we need them? (NBC News – January 10)

To vaccinate the world, we need to look beyond mRNA (Bloomberg – January 10)

Con ómicron, aumentan hospitalizaciones de niños por coronavirus en Texas Children's Hospital (Univision – January 10)

Texas Children's Hospital reports highest number of pediatric COVID hospitalizations (CBS 11 KHOU – January 10)

Houston's COVID-19 positivity rate reaches 38%, breaking another record since start of pandemic (CBS 11 KHOU – January 10)

Houston hospitals mandating COVID boosters for employees, amid omicron surge (Houston Chronicle – January 10)

5 things to know today, plus a calmer week of weather in the forecast (Houston Business Journal – January 10)

From Europe to the US, Covid cases in children are surging. Schools aren't prepared ( – January 11)

Canada isn’t responding with foresight when it comes to COVID-19

Making sense of the COVID pandemic's omicron phase (WBUR – January 11)

Developing a low-cost, patent-free vaccine for the world (WBUR – January 10)

Getting COVID shots in all kids begins with pediatricians developing trust with patients (Dallas Morning News – January 9)

Corbevax: How not-for-profit Covid-19 vaccine wants to end global inequality (India Times – January 9)

Houston hospitals report record number of pediatric COVID-19 hospitalizations (CBS 11 KHOU – January 7)

COVID-19: Why Covovax and Corbevax didn’t qualify as booster doses (Business Today.In – January 7)

First US cases of 'Flurona' are diagnosed in children in Texas and California: Simultaneous flu and COVID infections were initially detected in Israel (Daily Mail – January 6)

A Texas team comes up with a COVID vaccine that could be a global game changer (NPR – January 5)

Why Children with COVID-19 swamp pediatric hospitals (Infection Control Today – January 5)

Why are children with COVID-19 swamp pediatric hospitals (Title Press – January 5)

Why COVID-19 hospitalizations of Canadian kids — and infants — could keep rising as Omicron spreads (CBC – January 6)

U.S. hospitals seeing record numbers of young COVID-19 patients (Physician’s Weekly – January 5)

It’s a tough time for parents with kids under 5 (Medpage Today – January 5)

Q&A: Unpatented COVID-19 vaccine could ‘finally vaccinate the world’ (Healio News – January 5)

A record-high number of kids are getting hospitalized with Covid-19 as overall Covid-19 hospitalizations soar past the Delta peak (CNN - January 5)

January 4 coronavirus pandemic and Omicron variant news (CNN – January 5)

Flu + Coronavirus = Flurona. What you need to know about co-infection experts are watching (USA Today – January 5)

'Challenging' times, 'frustrating' COVID-19 case counts: US confronts post-holiday omicron surge (USA Today – January 4)

Fast-moving omicron catches Texas flat-footed as feds move to bolster testing, treatment supplies (Houston Chronicle – January 5)

Opinion: Texas Medical Center, build clinics for the underserved, not hotels (Houston Chronicle – January 5)

U.S. tops 1 million daily COVID-19 cases (WebMD – January 4)

COVID-19 hospitalizations surging at Texas pediatric hospital (ABC 7 News/CNN – January 4)

Austin amongst low pediatric hospitalization rates in the state (CBS Austin – January 4)

Houston Health Department now testing wastewater at schools for flu and COVID-19 (CBS 11 KHOU – January 4)

Here’s what Houston was up to last week, January 3 (Houstonia Magazine – January 4)

“A vaccine for the world”: U.S. scientists develop low-cost shot to inoculate global south (Nation of Change – January 4)

A COVID vaccine for all  (Scientific American – December 30)

As omicron fuels surge of new cases, Americans face more travel woes and dashed plans (The Washington Post – December 30)

Pediatric hospitalizations up under Omicron, but it's not more severe (France 24 – December 31)

COVID Help Desk: Does it matter to know whether I have the omicron or delta COVID variant? (Houston Chronicle – December 31)

US: Corbevax to be helpful in vaccinating India, neighbouring countries, says Texas Dr. Peter Hotez (The Economic Times – December 31

2 Texas medical powerhouses deploy game-changing COVID-19 worldwide vaccine (Culture Map Dallas – December 30)

'Hitting kids hard': What to know about children and the omicron COVID-19 variant (Austin American-Statesman – December 30)

Texas team applauded for giving what big pharma refuses: A patent-free vaccine to the world (Common Dreams – December 30)

Omicron sends more babies to hospitals in the United States (Beam Media – December 31)

Dr. Spinner: Kids’ return to school after the holidays may create ‘perfect storm’ for increased infections (MSNBC – December 29)

A new coronavirus vaccine heading to India was developed by a small team in Texas. They expect nothing in return. (The Washington Post – December 30)

Texas-developed COVID-19 vaccine gets emergency use authorization in India (KVUE – December 29)

Houston Covid vaccine gets approval for use in India (East Mojo – December 29)

'Parents need to take this really seriously' | What you need to know as COVID cases rise among children (CBS 11 KHOU)

COVID Q&A with Peter Hotez: ‘We could break the 100,000 death mark in Texas’ (Houston Chronicle - December 24)

Surprise deliveries: Texas Children’s Hospital delivers special Christmas gifts to patients (Click2Houston - December 24)

As Omicron And Christmas Collide, Texans Take Varying Levels of Precaution (Global Circulate - December 24)

Covid: ‘Precautionary’ shot could be of a different vaccine (The Indian Express - December 24)

Christmas comes early for patients at Texas Children's Hospital (KHOU - December 23)

Holidays and at-home tests mean omicron’s spread will be harder to track in Texas (KHOU - December 23)

Gathering for the holidays? The best time to take an at-home COVID test is Christmas morning, doctors say (KHOU - December 23)

“Out of sight, out of mind”: Omicron and Christmas collide in Texas (The Texas Tribune - December 23)

Aidan Hutchinson and college stars stand tall in Rotary Lombardi Awards (Culture Map Houston - December 23)

Texas Children's Hospital's "Candy Cane Wishes" delivers Christmas gifts to patients (CBS Austin - December 23)

Jill Biden has become the premier vaccine ambassador from a worried White House (Washington Post - December 22)

Opinion: A new generation of vaccines could turn covid-19 from a pandemic to just a problem (Washington Post - December 22)

Dogs in pajamas visit patients at Texas Children’s Hospital (WFTV9 - December 22)

Burned out Texas health care workers prepare for yet another COVID wave (Kera News - December 22)

Are Houston doctors canceling their holiday plans due to the omicron variant? We asked them. (Houston Chronicle - December 22)

How to weigh risk when traveling with children this holiday (Salon - December 22)

First omicron cases detected in Houston kids, including those under 5, says Texas Children's Hospital (Houston Chronicle - December 21)

When 'the Michael Jordan of surgeons' needed a lung transplant, a former trainee at Houston Methodist was ready (Houston Chronicle - December 21)

The COVID vaccine was the story of 2021, and it won’t end in 2022 (Houston Chronicle - December 22)

Burned out Texas health care workers prepare for yet another COVID wave (Houston Public Media - December 21)

Yes, omicron has overtaken delta. No, it's not March 2020. (USA Today - December 21)

KKBQ (The New 93Q)/Houston Raises $271k For Texas Children's Hospital (KKBQ - December 21)

With questions about omicron’s severity still unanswered, Texas braces for new COVID-19 wave this winter (Corridor News - December 20)

‘Pawsitively’ adorable! Dogs in PJs visit patients at Texas Children’s Hospital (Click2Houston - December 20)

Hope for the Holidays | HTown Frankie, dad behind viral light displays, customizes show for patients at Texas  Children's Hospital (KHOU - December 20)

As child COVID hospitalizations double in four days, highly transmissible omicron poised to sweep Houston (Houston Chronicle - December 20)

Therapy dogs lead pajama parade inside Texas Children's Hospital (KHOU - December 20)

How to stay safe, avoid transmission as omicron spreads around the country (NPR - December 20)

COVID-19 hospitalizations at Texas Children's Hospital more than double in past four days (KHOU - December 20)

Perros en pijama dan terapia a niños pacientes del Texas Children's Hospital (Univision - December 20)

Ómicron: por qué las dosis de refuerzo de las vacunas contra la COVID-19 son importantes frente a esta variente (National Geographic - December 20)

COVID-19 hospitalizations at Texas Children's Hospital more than double in past four days (MSN - December 20)

Health experts worried about vaccine hesitancy heading into holidays, not just with COVID-19 vaccine (KXAN - December 18)

Incepta to market nasal Covid vaccine (TBS News - December 18)

CNN Doctor Says Airline CEOs Opposed to Masks on Planes Have 'Emotional Intelligence of a Doorknob' (PJ Media - December 17)

A Matter Of Life Or Death: Doctors On The Grim Reality Of Treating Pregnant Covid Patients (Romper - December 17)

With questions about omicron’s severity still unanswered, Texas braces for new COVID-19 wave this winter (The Texas Tribune - December 17)

‘Now you have all those superpowers’: Kid-friendly vaccine event offers shots in arms to protect against COVID (Houston Chronicle - December 17)

'Striking' impact of COVID-19 pandemic on adolescent mental health (ABC News - December 17)

There's a mega vaccination clinic happening at GRB today (KHOU - December 17)

Pediatricians and parents weigh in on COVID-19 vaccines for children 6 months-4 years old (KBTX3 - December 16)

Notable Presents Clinical Validation Data from Two Phase 2 Trials in Adult and Pediatric Acute Myelogenous Leukemia at the 63rd American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting (Business Wire - December 16)

How to talk to teens about social media and body image (Houston Chronicle - December 15)

Experts say babies, toddlers could be eligible for COVID-19 vaccine by early 2022 (Click2Houston - December 15)

Many Paths to Specialty Success (Specialty Pharmacy Continuum - December 15)

Why do we get side effects from vaccines? Experts say that means it’s working (Los Angeles Times - December 15)

As Hurricane Ida descended on her town, she had to evacuate — and find a Houston hospital to have her baby (Houston Chronicle - December 14)

Cancer Cases In Kids Are Rising. Some Experts Blame Toxic Chemicals. (The Lund Report)

There's a mega vaccination clinic happening at GRB this Friday (KHOU – Dec 13)

Dr. Peter Hotez answers Twitter question about COVID windfall (Houston Chronicle  – Dec 13)

Ready for 16- to 17-year-olds to get a COVID-19 booster? What you need to know (Austin American-Statesman – Dec 13)

Alcaldía y el Texas Children´s Hospital impulsan campaña de vacunación (Telemundo – Dec 13)

Houston TikTok star whose Lil' Jon display went viral makes holiday light show for Woodlands Texas Children's (Houston Chronicle – Dec 13)

Houston une esfuerzos con el hospital Texas Children's para generar conciencia sobre la vacunación de niños (Univision – Dec 13)

Houston, Texas Children’s Hospital launch mass vaccination clinic ahead of the holidays (Houston Public Media – Dec 13)

Texas Children's Hospital to partner with city of Houston for COVID-19 vaccine event (Community Impact Newspaper – Dec 13)

Texas Children’s Hospital, Mayor Turner announce citywide COVID-19 vaccination clinic (Click2Houston – Dec 13)

Omicron rapidly shifts the need for boosters in Canada (CBC – Dec 11)

Why this Houston-made COVID shot is a major win for vaccine equity (Houston Chronicle – Dec 9)

Houston Methodist says patients infected with omicron variant are from all over the Houston area (KHOU 11 – Dec 9)

COVID Help Desk: How do the symptoms of omicron differ from delta? (Houston Chronicle – Dec 9)

Delta-Omicron variant tag team makes booster doses essential (AMA – Dec 9)

Will children need Covid-19 booster shots? It's too soon to tell (NBC – Dec 8)

A look inside the genome sequencing lab at Texas Children's Hospital (KHOU 11 – Dec 8)

Texas may soon see a ‘twin epidemic’ during the upcoming winter season, Dr. Peter Hotez says (Houston Public Media – Dec 8)

How Resilience Can Help You Manage Diabetes (and How to Build It) (Everyday Health – Dec 8)

ICI's Biorisk Cloud Platform (SIW – Dec 8)

COVID-19 'shines a spotlight' on America's shoddy health care system, Dr. Peter Hotez says (Yahoo! News – Dec 8)

US Surgeon General issues public health advisory on mental health challenges confronting youth (FOX 26 – Dec 7)

Botswana achieves key milestones toward elimination of mother-to-child HIV transmission (Medical Xpress – Dec 7)

Peter Hotez, MD, PhD, on the omicron variant and Delta winter surge (AMA – Dec 6)

How Houston hospitals are testing for omicron variant (KHOU 11– Dec 6)

Opinion: Learning about your immune system is crucial now (The San Diego Union-Tribune – Dec 6)

In Westlake and Lake Travis area, many parents of young kids jump on vaccine appointments (Austin American-Statesman – Dec 5)

Is the best strategy against omicron to boost with the original vaccine? (NBC News – Dec 5)

How is Omicron Different from Other COVID-19 Variants? Here’s How (The East County Gazette – Dec 4)

Why Delta and Omicron Could Be a ‘Twin Epidemic’ Dr. Peter Hotez sorts through the uncertainty about the new variant. (NY Mag – Dec 4)

Could numerous boosters make future Covid vaccines less effective? Experts weigh in (MSN – Dec 4)

Patients at Texas Children's Hospital spruce up their rooms with Christmas trees in time for the holidays (KHOU 11 – Dec 3)

Mix-and-Match Vaccine Platform May Boost Immune Response & Duration (BioSpace – Dec 3)

What Are the Symptoms of Omicron, and How Do They Differ from Other Variants? Here's What We Know (Parade – Dec 2)

How Delta and Omicron Could Emerge as Twin Outbreaks (Daily Beast – Dec 2) 

Omicron sounds nasty but delta is the real villain: Dr. Peter Hotez answers COVID variant questions (Houston Chronicle – Dec 2)

Ultrasound helps diagnose pediatric abdominal problems (Aunt Minnie – Dec 1) 

A 10-year-old waited years for a new heart. Then one became available — during the February freeze. (Houston Chronicle – December 1)

Omicron isn't a surprise to advocates who have fought for global vaccine equity (USA Today - December 1)

Booster shots today could fight omicron tomorrow (Vox - December 1)

Severity of omicron variant will 'even out in the wash': Dr. Hotez (FOX News – November 28)

Expert explains how we'll know if vaccines work against Omicron variant (CNN – November 27)

Dr. Peter Hotez on omicron variant: 'I'm not in favor of travel bans' (Houston Chronicle – November 26)

Dr. Hotez: New Covid variant 'likely' already in the United States (MSNBC – November 26)

'No reason to panic' about new omicron COVID-19 variant yet, Houston expert says (KHOU 11 – November 26)

‘A helping hand’- Rice club creates 3D printed prosthetic hand for 5-year-old (Houston Chronicle – November 18)

Are Houston doctors gathering for Thanksgiving? We asked them. (Houston Chronicle – November 18)

Parent to Parent: Kids and the Covid vaccine (FOX 26 – November 17)

Jill Biden makes pitch to parents for kids' COVID-19 vaccinations (The Hill – November 15)

First Lady Jill Biden visits Houston as part of nationwide effort to vaccinate children (Click2Houston – November 14)

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden visits Houston to encourage pediatric COVID-19 vaccinations (KHOU 11 – November 14)

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden visits Houston to encourage pediatric COVID-19 vaccinations (MSN – November 14)

First Lady Jill Biden visits Houston in push to get kids vaccinated (ABC 13 – November 14)

Jill Biden teams up with superheroes to make vaccinations 'comfortable' for kids and their parents (ABC News – November 14)

REPLAY: FLOTUS Dr. Jill Biden is at Texas Children's Hospital to encourage pediatric COVID-19 vaccines (Yahoo! News – November 14)

Jill Biden visita un hospital en Houston para promover la vacunación de los niños contra el coronavirus (Univision – November 14)

Moms in The Woodlands secure COVID vaccine for their kids (Houston Chronicle – November 13)

Family shares dramatic tale of late pregnancy during hurricane evacuation (FOX 26 – November 12)

Thousands of Kids 5 to 11 Already Received a COVID Vaccine (KHOU 11 – November 4)

Most commonly-asked questions about children ages 5-11 getting the COVID vaccine (Houston Chronicle – November 4)

COVID Help Desk: My child is afraid of needles. How do I prepare them for the COVID vaccine? (KHOU 11 – November 4)

COVID-19 vaccinations begin for Texas children (Texas Standard – November 4)

Misinformation on social media fuels COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy, researchers say (The Dallas Morning News – November 4)

Austin doctor answers questions about pediatric COVID-19 vaccine (KVUE – November 3)

Covid: US approves Pfizer vaccine for children over five (BBC – November 3)

Texas Children’s Hospital administers first children the COVID-19 vaccine (Click2Houston – November 3)

Cheers, tears, comfort dogs and Disney balloons: Covid shots for children get underway in a Texas hospital. (The New York Times – November 3)

Why are American kids being hospitalized for Covid at a rate FOUR TIMES higher than in England? Experts say American children have higher rates of obesity and other chronic diseases that make them more at risk of severe illness (Daily Mail – November 3)


Everything to know about the COVID-19 vaccine and children: When will it be available? (USA Today – November 1)

Texas-India vaccine diplomacy announces Covid-19 vaccine for $1.5 per dose (The Hindu Business Line – November 1)

Texas Children's Hospital opens COVID-19 vaccine appointments for children 5 and up (FOX 26 – October 29)

Texas Children's taking appointments for kids' COVID vaccines with emergency authorization imminent (Houston Chronicle – October 29)

Texas Children’s Hospital opens appointments for COVID-19 vaccines for children ages 5 and up  (Click2Houston – October 29)

'It’s the best present ever' | Houston preschooler may get COVID vaccine for her 5th birthday (KHOU 11 – October 29)

Kids ages 5 and up can get COVID-19 vaccine appointment at Texas Children's Hospital (KHOU 11 – October 29)

Texas Children's Hospital habilita el agendamiento de citas para vacunar a niños contra coronavirus: esto debes saber (Univision – October 29)

4-year-old Houston area girl participates in Pfizer COVID vaccine trial for young kids (Click2Houston – October 28)

Player Blog | Kamu Grugier-Hill virtually visited Texas Children's Hospital (Houston Texans – October 28)

Texans Care Tuesday | 10-26-2021 (Houston Texans – October 28)

Covid-19 cases are down 60% from Delta peak. Still, be vigilant heading into winter, CDC director says (KAKE – October 28)

COVID Help Desk: How quickly are vaccine rates rising? (Houston Chronicle – October 28)

Why Covid-19 vaccines for younger children would come in smaller doses (CNN – October 27)

How to tell if your kid has a cold, the flu, RSV or COVID-19 (Today – October 27)

10 hospital execs define 'digital transformation' (Becker's Healthcare – October 27)

Texans Children's Hospital celebrates Astros with bridge lights (KHOU 11 – October 27)

The world needs a cheap and easy COVID-19 vaccine. Houston doctors have something that could help. (Houston Chronicle – October 27) 

COVID Now a 'Major Cause of Death' in Kids But Many Parents Remain Hesitant on Vaccine (Newsweek – October 27)

Does Parkinson’s start in the nose? International team awarded US$9 million ASAP grant to find out (EurekaAlert – October 26)

Peter Hotez: COVID rates are declining, just like October 2020. Is a winter wave ahead? (Houston Chronicle – October 26)

Halloween and COVID-19: Tips to celebrate the holidays safely amid the pandemic (Texas Children's Blog – October 26)

Covid vaccines: Paediatricians on frontlines of child jab plan (BBC – October 25)

How one program is ensuring cancer survivors have support for the long term (Click2Houston – October 25) 

Children in foster care much more likely to be prescribed psychotropic medications compared with non-foster children in Medicaid program: American Academy of Pediatrics ( – October 25)

Kids ages 5-11 need to get that vaccination (FOX 26 – October 22)

As delta wave fades, Texas Children's battles fatigue - and a troubling chain of infections (Houston Chronicle – October 22)

Houston-area mom pushes to get AED's in all schools to save lives from cardiac arrest – (KHOU 11 – October 22)

Houston providers preparing to roll out COVID-19 vaccines for kids under 12 years old (CNBC – October 7)

Local experts offer parents tips for in school and virtual classes (Defender – October 7)

Texas schools are reporting fewer COVID cases, state and local data show  (Houston Chronicle – October 5)

Too young for vaccines, too fidgety for masks. How do we keep toddlers safe? (The Today Show – October 4)

Sunday Conversation: What parents need to know about emergency care for their children during the pandemic (Houston Chronicle – October 3)

'Times are changing': Dr. Catherine Gordon becomes first woman to serve as chief pediatrician at Texas Children's Hospital (Houston Chronicle – October 1)

Texas Children's Hospital Talks COVID (MSNBC – September 23)

What do the latest COVID numbers mean? (FOX 26 – September 23)

Parents excited to enroll children in COVID vaccine study (Spectrum News – September 23)

New moms fight for their lives away from newborns, as Houston sees rise in pregnant COVID patients (Houston Chronicle – September 22)