Texas Children's Hospital opens first pediatric Stone Clinic in Texas

HOUSTON - (June 13, 2013) - Texas Children's Hospital announced a new, first of its kind in Texas, pediatric Stone Clinic which will provide comprehensive care for children and adolescents with kidney stones. The clinic will be comprised of a multidisciplinary team of specialists that will evaluate, diagnose and treat children who have previously had kidney stones, as well as those patients who are at risk for developing them. For more information about the new clinic visit here.

Kidney stones are small, hard deposits of mineral and acid salts that form inside the kidney or ureter. These stones can block drainage of urine and cause a great deal of pain, especially to children. While many families may be aware of this medical condition in adults, they may not be aware that children can form stones. Additionally, children may not present with the same symptoms as adults. Many times children will present with bladder or kidney infections, blood in the urine or abdominal pains.

"In children with kidney stones, there can be underlying metabolic, genetic or anatomic causes," explained Dr. Nicolette Janzen, pediatric urologist at Texas Children's and assistant professor of urology at Baylor College of Medicine (BCM). "That is why we recognized the need and importance of opening a specialized clinic for the children affected by this condition."

The Stone Clinic at Texas Children's Hospital will bring together three subspecialties under one roof. Patients in the clinic will benefit from seeing a pediatric urologist, a pediatric nephrologist (kidney specialist) and a registered renal dietitian, all of whom will evaluate patients with urinary tract stones in a single visit.

"This multidisciplinary care clinic will streamline and ease treatment for families," said Dr. Ewa Elenberg, attending physician of renal services at Texas Children's and associate professor of pediatrics-renal at BCM. "It's the only clinic at a pediatric hospital in Texas, and one of only a few programs in the nation, that offers this type of care coordination to families."

The pediatric urologists specialize in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of kidney stones. They actively support the child's medical care and provide surgical intervention when needed. Since prevention is also an integral part of the treatment plan, Texas Children's kidney experts oversee the urine and blood testing that can help determine the cause of kidney stones and can recommend how to stop them from reoccurring. The renal dietitian educates patients on dietary modifications that could prevent the recurrence of stone formation.

"The clinic will improve access to the hospital's services for the countless children that suffer from this condition, and the comprehensive approach will help us ensure each child is provided with the coordinated and specialized care they need and deserve," said Dr. Mini Michael, attending physician of renal services at Texas Children's and assistant professor of pediatrics-renal at BCM.

To make an appointment at Texas Children's Stone Clinic call 832-822-3160.

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