Texas Children's Fetal Center launches unique program for moms expecting multiples

HOUSTON -(Nov. 30, 2010) - Becoming pregnant with multiples comes with a unique set ofguidelines, challenges and expectations and should be treated differently thancarrying a singleton. Today, Texas Children's Hospital announced the opening ofProgram for Multiples, a one-dayconsultation that will provide women who are expecting multiples acomprehensive guide to managing their pregnancy. The Program for Multiplescombines the highest level of genetic counseling, fetal imaging, maternal fetalmedicine expertise and nutritional guidance to produce a highly specificpregnancy "road map" for these women. This one-day service is the first of itskind in the United States and designed to be the first stop for mothers ofmultiples who are between 10-18 weeks pregnant on the way to welcoming thehealthiest possible babies. For more information on The Program for Multiples,visit http://bit.ly/programformultiples.

The Programfor Multiples is built on evidence-based research and proven practices inmaternal-fetal medicine and is designed to complement the regular prenatal careprovided by a woman's primary obstetrician or midwife. It is not intended toreplace normal obstetric care, but rather the goal is to partner with communityphysicians to promote healthy pregnancies and healthy babies. Patients mayself-refer.

"We want pregnant women to think of this as their first stop - a place to getall the information they need to move forward," said Kenneth Moise, Jr, MD,medical director for the Program for Multiples at Texas Children's Fetal Centerand professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Baylor College of Medicine. "Ifmoms are expecting more than one baby, the Program for Multiples is simply anextra appointment that they should book. A very important appointment!"

With amultiples pregnancy, one of the most important things to watch in the firsttrimester is how much weight you are gaining. These special pregnancies have nutritionalguidelines that are different than a singleton pregnancy. By following theseguidelines, moms have less risk of developing complications in theirpregnancies. In addition, fetal medicine has advanced so much today thatcomplications, if caught early, can be treated. By attending the Program forMultiples, expecting moms of multiples are given access to the best prenatalcare possible, are taught the proper dietary regulations and receive top-of-theline imaging so they can see into their pregnancy to make sure the babies aregrowing regularly.

"A multiple pregnancy is very unique, and can sometimes feel overwhelming,"said Karen Moise, RN, coordinator for the Program for Multiples. "This programreally breaks down everything moms need to know about their pregnancy as wellas checks for certain high risk factors so that families can feel confidentknowing they are completely prepared for what lies ahead."

Experts from Texas Children's Fetal Center work with each patient to develop acustomized health and nutrition plan for both mom and her babies and toidentify potential risk factors and early complications associated withmultiples. Each consultation includes:

  • Comprehensive ultrasound - an enhanced ultrasound to determine key markers for potential high risk conditions
  • Genetic counseling and testing - a consultation with certified genetic counselors at Baylor College of Medicine to determine inherited risk factors in the pregnancy
  • Personalized nutritional assessment - a personalized nutrition plan based specifically on your needs and created by a registered dietitian
  • Maternal-fetal medicine consultation -- a comprehensive assessment outlining potential obstetrical complications and a customized pregnancy guide provided by a maternal-fetal specialist reminding you of key check-ins throughout your pregnancy such as when to have follow-up ultrasounds and diabetes checks.

Texas Children'sFetal Center is one of the nation's top centers for fetal health. Experts inmultiple pregnancies such as Kenneth Moise, Jr., MD, Manisha Gandhi, MD, KarenMoise, RN, and Susanne Trout, RD, LD, IBCLC, have joined together in thisprogram to provide an outstanding day of consultation for this special group ofpregnant women.

Kenneth Moise concluded, "Whether this appointment leads to early detection ofa treatable condition, or simply arms moms with the know-how to tackle theirpregnancy with confidence, mothers of multiples should capitalize on thisresource to enhance their pregnancy care and promote positive outcomes."

Women who are interested in attending the Fetal Center's Program for Multiplescan self-refer by downloading an application athttp://bit.ly/programformultiples

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