About Us

Better data, better decisions

The Texas Children’s Hospital Outcomes and Impact Service is dedicated to helping patients, families and providers make better health care decisions using outcomes data.

Our patients and families deserve the most complete and accurate information possible about our performance. We want to be able to tell families, “If you come to Texas Children’s, this is what you can expect.” As a hospital system, we believe that a critical component to offering outstanding clinical programs is tracking the results of the care delivered through them.

By tracking outcomes we learn about what happens to our patients, and we also learn about our performance as a health care delivery organization. We always know that we can do better and must continue to strive toward excellence in care delivery.

Another aspect of our service is talking to patients and families about their medical questions. In addition to providing statistics, we strive to engage patients and families in a conversation about the choices they face that will impact their health.

Our team is comprised of outcomes nurses dedicated to different clinical specialties, computer programmers, data architects and specialists, and a statistician who work closely with clinical and administrative teams to measure, improve, and share our outcomes. The goals of our service are to:

  • Track and improve our clinical outcomes
  • Understand the impact of those outcomes on the lives of our patients and families over time
  • Make these outcomes data available in a form accessible by the general public
  • Partner with patients and families in understanding outcomes data
  • Help patients and families know what questions to ask when seeking medical treatment

In 2014, Texas Children's presented 2 informative talks on using data to improve patient outcomes and drive efficiency in health care delivery at the Annual Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference & Exhibition.