• Childhood Injury Prevention

    Pediatric injury is the number one cause of injury and death of children in the United States. The Center for Childhood Injury Prevention educates thousands of parents and children each year on a variety of child safety topics, such as child passenger safety, safe sleep, home safety and bike and pedestrian safety. Since 1987, the unintentional childhood injury death rate has declined 45 percent largely due to greater use of smoke alarms, car seats and bicycle helmets as well as improved EMS and trauma care.  When a child dies or is seriously injured the lives of families and entire communities are changed forever. But these tragedies don’t have to happen. The important thing to remember about preventable injuries is that they’re preventable. They often occur in predictable ways and can be completely avoided with the right education, awareness and planning.

    The goal of the Center for Childhood Injury Prevention is to address major areas of unintentional injuries to children 14 and under in our local area. This is accomplished by raising awareness among adults and children, providing lifesaving education and resources, and by making childhood injury a public priority.

    The Center for Childhood Injury Prevention is supported by our many valuable local partners that work to make the Greater Houston area safer for children. We encourage you to get involved so we can ensure that all children in the in our area have the chance to grow up healthy and safe, and do all the great things kids were meant to do.


    Safety services for your family

    Car seat checks
    Kohl's Safe at Home program 
    Safe Kids Greater Houston

    Helpful links

    SAFE KIDS Worldwide
    U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – for child passenger information, installation tips and car seat recalls
    Center for Disease Control (CDC) - Injury Prevention
    Texas Department of State Health Services

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