Maximizing Auditory Performance For Children With Hearing Loss

September 16-17, 2017

Hearing loss is a neurodevelopmental emergency. It is essential that children with hearing loss and other auditory disorders have sufficient auditory access with technology to use audition for language and academic development. This workshop will discuss the information audiologists, speech-language pathologists, auditory verbal therapists and teachers of children who are deaf and hard of hearing need to obtain to be certain technology is meeting a child’s auditory needs. Therapy protocols to maximize performance will be reviewed. The role of audiologists, speech-language pathologists, auditory verbal therapists, parents, teachers, and others in assuring auditory access will be discussed. Discussion will include techniques for selecting and modifying technology and for planning management and therapy based on test results. Therapy for infants and school management will be reviewed. Case presentation will be included.

  • The attendee will be able to Identify the appropriate test protocol for infants and children of different ages and understand what is required to make the testing reliable
  • The attendee will be able to select appropriate speech perception tests and test protocols  for infants and children of different ages
  • The attendee will be able to identify characteristics of technology for children
  • The attendee will be able to determine criteria for moving from a hearing aid to a cochlear implant
  • The attendee will understand therapy techniques for maximizing auditory performance
  • The attendee will understand counseling principles for working with children with hearing loss and their families

Texas Children's Hospital
Feigin Center
1102 Bates, 1st floor conference room
​​​​​​​Houston, Texas 77030

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Earned credits -  

16 contact hours or CCU’s through TPTA and TOTA


Dr. Jane Madell is a certified audiologist, speech-language pathologist, LSLS and auditory verbal therapist and has been a pediatric audiologist for about 50 years. She is currently Director of Pediatric Audiology Consulting. She was formerly Director of the Hearing and Learning Center and Co-Director of the Cochlear Implant Center at the Ear Institute, Beth Israel Medical Center/New York Eye and Ear infirmary. Dr. Madell’s clinical and research interests have been in the area of evaluation of hearing in infants and young children, management of hearing loss in children with hearing loss, selection and management of amplification including hearing aids, cochlear implants and FM systems, assessment of auditory function, family support, and evaluation and management of auditory processing disorders. Dr Madell has published 6 books, and numerous book chapters and journal articles. She writes the Hearing and Kids section of the Dr. Madell  presents nationally and internationally on topics related to hearing loss and other auditory disorders in infants and children and consults with families, school districts and speech and hearing programs with the goal of maximizing auditory skills for 


Day 1

Morning 8 am-10 am

            Hearing loss as a neurodevelopmental emergency     

Developing the auditory brain

Goals of management of hearing loss in children

            Goals of audiologic evaluation


Basic Assumptions

            Selecting the appropriate test protocols

            Assessing speech perception

Afternoon 1-3 PM

            Selecting technology

Mild and moderate hearing loss

            Case reviews

3:30-5 PM

            Using test information to determine management

            Who is responsible for what?

Day 2

Morning 8 am- 10 am

            Educating families about communication options     

What is required for success?

            Therapy is needed for success

            Listening therapy vs speech language therapy


            Working with babies

            Developing listening skills

            Working on Speech and language

Afternoon 1-3 PM

            What is needed for school success?

            What to look for in a classroom observation

3:30-5 PM

            Providing support to parents

            Providing support for kids


Wyndham Medical Center
6800 Main
Houston, Texas 77030

Nightly rate: $105.00 (price varies based on room availability)


Contact: Jade LeBeauf


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