At Texas Children’s Hospital, we believe our patients and families deserve the most complete and accurate information possible about how we are doing as a health care system. We want you to feel empowered to ask us questions and be active participants on the care team. We want families to know what you can expect if you come to Texas Children’s. As a hospital system, we believe that a critical component to offering outstanding clinical programs is tracking the results of the care delivered through them and doing our best to provide the safest environment possible.

By tracking what we do, we learn about what happens to our patients, and we also learn about our performance as a health care delivery organization. We know we can always do better and must continue to strive toward excellence in health care delivery.

The information on this site is based on nationally recognized categories of quality and safety. 

When possible, we show how we compare to other children's hospitals in the United States. Where no good comparisons are available, we illustrate how we compare to our own performance in the past, and how we measure up to our own goals. 

Here is what we are committed to doing.

Keeping You Safe

Washing our hands and preventing infections are two examples of ways we work to keep you safe.

Healing You

Our goal is to make you better and get you back to living your life.

Treating You With Respect

Understanding your experience at Texas Children’s and how quickly we respond to your concerns, are two ways we work to show we are treating you with respect.

Seeing You Promptly

Seeing you when you need to be seen is important to your care and therefore important to us.  

Coordinating Your Care

Working as a team to make sure your care is seamless from referral to discharge is important to us. 

What safety and outcomes information are you looking for?