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The Coronary Anomalies Program at Texas Children’s Hospital is a multidisciplinary program dedicated to the diagnosis and management of patients with congenital coronary anomalies.

Congenital coronary anomalies are the second most common cause of sudden cardiac death in children and young adults. These anomalies are congenital defects in one or more of the coronary arteries of the heart and may relate to the origin, location, size or course of the coronary artery.

In the past, successful treatment of these patients has been inconsistent. To improve the care and treatment of... Read more

Our Team

The Coronary Anomalies Program at Texas Children's Hospital is staffed by a multidisciplinary core team of cardiologists, congenital heart surgeons, radiologists and researchers. These experts work together to provide the best treatment to patients with congenital coronary anomalies, study their outcomes and educate health care providers and the public about this problem.