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Meet the Pediatrician: Dr. Annie Kerr



At Texas Children’s Pediatrics, we understand the importance of feeling completely comfortable with your child’s primary care physician. To help you get to know our pediatricians better, we decided to sit down with them and do a short Q&A. Learn more about Dr. Annie Kerr, pediatrician at Texas Children’s Post Oak, below:

What’s a question you think all parents should ask when visiting a pediatrician?

I think asking questions to better understand the flow of the clinic, such as how appointments are scheduled, how much time is allotted for visits, how to get in touch with your doctor during the day or after hours if you have questions or concerns, etc. are important in order to set up appropriate expectations for the care of your child.

What do you specialize in?

I have a special interest in newborn care, breastfeeding, vaccine education, healthy eating and weight management.

Tell us what you love about working around kids.

No two visits are the same. I love getting to know the unique personality of each patient and tailoring my interaction with them to help them feel safe and cared for. I am constantly challenged by the energy, curiosity and humor of my patients. They really do keep me on my toes!

Are you originally from Houston? If not, where are you from?

I love Houston! I was born and raised here and completed all of my medical training here. I am now a pediatrician in the office where I once was a patient.

Would you rather be fluent in every language in the world or be able to eat everything you want without gaining weight?

No contest, I would love to be able to eat everything I want (especially dessert) without gaining a pound.

Where did you attend school?

I attended Baylor University in Waco for college, The University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston for medical school and completed my pediatric residency training at Texas Children’s Hospital/Baylor College of Medicine here in Houston. I am a Texan through and through.

Favorites – Movie? Music? Food? Sport?

Favorite movie: I love any good rom-com with Julia Roberts, especially Runaway Bride. Favorite music: Country (see question above) Favorite food: Anything involving chocolate Favorite sport: I grew up loving baseball, but my husband has converted me to a golf lover as well!

What’s your best advice on staying healthy?

My advice for staying healthy is to teach your kids about balance, establishing healthy habits early in life and model healthy choices. Everybody should eat dessert or stay up late at a sleep over every once in a while, but teach your kids how to make smart choices when it comes to nutrition, exercise and sleep when they are young. That way when they go to college, they already know how to take care of themselves!

What’s the most exciting thing about your job?

I have the unique privilege as a pediatrician of getting to know my patients and their families over many years and watching them grow from infancy to adulthood. I get to become a part of each family and walk with them through the many joys and challenges of childhood. The relationships I am forming on a daily basis are the reason I love going to work every day. I hope to positively impact them as much as they do me!

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