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E.g., 08/2017

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Top 5 pediatric health blogs of 2016



Happy New Year! To mark the end of the year, we’re sharing our five most popular blog posts from 2016. We’re always proud to share new information from our experts, inspiring patient stories and the good work that’s being done around the hospital. We thank you for your support and can’t wait to see what blogs 2017 brings!

  1. Vaccines and autism – Why Mr. De Niro is wrong and it’s time to move on: Rachel Cunningham, MPH, Immunization Project, discusses the importance of vaccines.
  2. A different perspective on wait times: Amy Peterson, mother of patient, shares how she values wait times at the doctor’s office.
  3. Liver tumor program: Victoria’s Story: Maria A. Garcia Fernadez, mother of patient, shares her daughter’s diagnosis with hepatoblastoma, a rare malignant liver cancer.
  4. Zika 101: Dr. Stan Spinner, chief medical officer of Texas Children’s Pediatrics and Texas Children’s Urgent Care, shares what Zika is, symptoms of the virus and how to best protect your family.
  5. We had it all: Alyssa Ascencio, mother of patient, shares her daughter, Mia’s, journey with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL).

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Megan Horton, editor-in-chief