E.g., 08/2017
E.g., 08/2017

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Texas Children's Pediatrics 20th anniversary


Texas Children’s Pediatrics

The 20-year anniversary of Texas Children’s Pediatrics is a momentous occasion for me and my family. We're so glad to be celebrating along with the organization. I've been fortunate to be part of the Texas Children's family since my very own birthday, more than 30 years ago! The impression Texas Children’s Pediatrics has even precedes our creation 20 years ago, as our pediatricians have been serving our community since before that time. I truly appreciate the passion and longevity this history brings to our organization! The growth and excellence we have created over the last 20 years, is something we could not have done without each other.

Now, caring for multiple generations of patients, our pediatricians have a unique opportunity to see their former patients who now have families themselves. They also have a chance to see the impressions they make on patients, including guiding career aspirations and interests in medicine as patients grow up. I knew I had an interest in health care and giving back to the community at a young age and this is a passion I have followed. Having had the opportunity to know the Texas Children’s Pediatrics Humble practices over the years as a child, a  volunteer at Texas Children's Hospital and later becoming an employee at Texas Children’s Pediatrics, I have been able to see the greatness from several different vantage points. Serving in the position of director of regional operations has now further validated, to me, the deep appreciation for the work our pediatricians do, EVERY SINGLE DAY!

I write this note to say thank you to all Texas Children’s Pediatricians, and especially to Dr. Mark Smith at Texas Children’s Pediatrics Fall Creek for taking great care of me as a baby and, Dr. Elaine Lloren for taking such great care of my son at Texas Children’s Pediatrics Humble Atascocita.

It is an honor to be part of such a great organization and to have such great physician partners.