• Michael Quach, MD

    Quach Michael

    Department or Service

    Department of Pediatric Medicine, Neurology



    Primary Location

    Texas Children's Hospital

    Also sees patients at

    Texas Children's Hospital - The Woodlands

    Contact Information

    6701 Fannin St.
    Suite 950
    Houston, TX 77030
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    Phone: 832-822-1750

    Assistant Professor - Baylor College of Medicine

    Medical School

    Indiana University School of Medicine, Doctor of Medicine, 2001


    Austin Pediatric Education Program, Pediatrics, 2004
    University of Texas Medical School at Houston, Child Neurology, 2007


    Cleveland Clinic Foundation Program, Epilepsy, 2008

    From Dr. Quach

    Dr. Quach is a child neurologist who specializes in seizures and epilepsy, particularly surgical treatments of epilepsy.  He also manages non-pharmacologic treatments of seizures, including ketogenic diet and vagal nerve stimulators.  Dr. Quach’s research interests focus on basic neurophysiology, and he is currently conducting research in intracranial electroencephalography (EEG), high-density EEG, and electrical and magnetic dipole source analyses. 

    Professional Organizations

    • American Academy of Neurology
    • American Epilepsy Society
    • Texas Medical Association

    Selected Publications

    Agadi S, Sutton VR, Quach MM, Riviello JJ Jr.  The electroencephalogram in neonatal maple syrup urine disease: a case report.  Clinical EEG & Neuroscience Journal 2012 Jan;43(1):64-7.

    Campbell IM, Kolodziejska KE, Quach MM, Wolf VL, Cheung SW, Lalani SR, Ramocki MB, Stankiewicz P.TGFBR2 deletion in a 20-month-old female with developmental delay and microcephaly. American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A 2011 Jun;155A(6):1442-7. doi: 10.1002/ajmg.a.34015. Epub 2011 May 12.

    Agadi S, Riviello JJ, Quach MMResponse to "A graded system to categorize drug-resistant epilepsy".  Epilepsia 2011 Mar;52(3):653-4. doi: 10.1111/j.1528-1167.2010.02964.x.

    Quach MM, Mazin A, Riviello JJ Jr.  Newer anticonvulsant medications in pediatric neurology.  Current Treatment Options in Neurology 2010 Nov;12(6):518-28.

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