• Curtis E. Kennedy, MD

    Kennedy Curtis

    Department or Service

    Department of Pediatric Medicine, Intensive Care


    Intensive Care

    Primary Location

    Texas Children's Hospital

    Contact Information

    6621 Fannin St.
    Suite W6006
    Houston, TX 77030
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    Phone: 832-826-6230

    Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Section of Critical Care Medicine - Baylor College of Medicine

    Medical School

    Baylor College of Medicine, Doctor of Medicine, 1997


    Baylor College of Medicine, Pediatrics, 1998


    Baylor College of Medicine, Pediatrics, 2000


    Baylor College of Medicine, Pediatric Critical Care, 2003

    From Dr. Kennedy

    Dr. Kennedy’s primary research focus is on predictive modeling of cardiac arrest in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Through application of predictive modeling and data mining algorithms on physiologic and laboratory data trends, he is pursuing the creation of a clinically useful predictive model of cardiac arrest that will provide caregivers with advanced warning of impending arrests, thereby allowing for preventative measures that will abort the arrest or minimize its impact on the patient. His secondary research focus is on providing bedside decision support to clinicians by leveraging information in hospital information to automatically calculate derived measures that are used in making clinical decisions. Many of the decisions clinicians make in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit are based on data elements that must be calculated from multiple pieces of raw data in order to determine their value. By providing automated calculations, he hopes to improve the accuracy and consistency of data used in caring for PICU patients.

    Professional Organizations

    • American Academy of Pediatrics
    • Society of Critical Care Medicine
    • American Medical Information Association

    Selected Publications

    Kennedy CE, Turley JP. Time series analysis as input for clinical predictive modeling: Modeling cardiac arrest in a pediatric ICU. Theoretical Biology and Medical Modeling 2011 Oct 24;8(1):40.

    Desai MS, Zainuer S, Kennedy C, Kearney D, Goss J, Karpen SJ. Cardiac Structural and Functional Alterations in Infants and Children with Biliary Atresia, Listed for Liver Transplantation. Gastroenterology 2011 Oct;141(4):1264-1272.e1-4. Epub 2011 Jul 14.

    Kyle UG; Coss Bu JA; Kennedy CE; Jefferson LS. Organ dysfunction is associated with hyperglycemia in critically ill children. Intensive Care Medicine 2010 Feb; 36(2):312-20. 

    Studer MA, Kennedy CE, Dreyer WJ, Price JF, Moffett BS, Teitel ER, Carberry KE, Morales DL, McKenzie ED, Chang AC. An alternative treatment strategy for pump thrombus in the DeBakey VAD Child: use of clopidogrel as a thrombolytic agent. Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation 2006 Jul; 25(7): 857-61. 

    Lising M, Kennedy C.  A Multimethod Approach to Evaluating Critical Care Information Systems. Computers, Informatics,  Nursing 2005 January/February; 23(1):27-37.

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