• Steven A. Abrams, MD

    Abrams Stephen A.

    Department or Service

    Department of Pediatric Medicine, Neonatology



    Primary Location

    Texas Children's Hospital

    Also sees patients at

    Texas Children's Hospital Pavilion for Women

    Contact Information

    6621 Fannin St.
    Suite W6104
    Houston, TX 77030
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    Phone: 832-826-1380
    Fax:  832-825-2799

    Neonatologist - Texas Children's Hospital
    Medical Director, Neonatal Nutrition Program, Baylor College of Medicine
    Program Coordinator MD/MPH program, Baylor College of Medicine and The University of Texas School of Public Health
    Adjunct Professor, University of Texas School of Public Health, Division of Management, Policy and Community Health

    Medical School

    Ohio State University College of Medicine, Doctor of Medicine, 1982


    Akron Children's Hospital, Pediatrics, 1983


    Akron Children's Hospital, Pediatrics, 1985


    Baylor College of Medicine, Neonatology, 1988

    From Dr. Abrams

    I conduct research into the mineral requirements of children of all ages. We are particularly interested in calcium, zinc and iron metabolism. Our studies are conducted using mineral stable isotopes which are completely safe for all ages. Clinically, my interests are in the growth of preterm infants and the use of specialized nutritional practices, including omega-3 fatty acids in the care of infants who have problems with intestinal function. We believe that achieving adequate growth safely in high risk infants is a key aspect of neonatal care, and work in a multi-disciplinary approach to achieving this goal.

    Professional Organizations

    • American Academy of Pediatrics
    • Society for Pediatric Research
    • American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
      Associate Editor
    • American Academy of Pediatrics (Committee on Nutrition)
    • American Society for Nutrition (Medical Nutrition Council)
      Member, Executive Committee

    Selected Publications

    Abrams SA, Hawthorne KM, Rogers SP, Hicks PD, Carpenter TO. Effects of ethnicity and vitamin D supplementation on vitamin D status and changes in bone mineral content in infants. BMC Pediatrics 2012;12:6. PMID: 22248486.

    Abrams SA. Vitamin D requirements in children: "all my life’s a circle". Nutrition Reviews 2012. 70:201-6. PMID:22458693.

    Abrams SA, Griffin IJ, Hawthorne KM, Chen Z, Gunn SK, Wilde W, Darlington G, Shypailo R, Ellis K. Vitamin D receptor Fok1 polymorphisms affect calcium absorption, kinetics and bone mineralization rates during puberty. Journal of Bone and Mineral Research 2005;20:945-53.

    Abrams SA. What are the risks and benefits to increasing dietary bone minerals and vitamin D intake in infants and small children? Annual Review of Nutrition 2011;31:285-97. PMID: 21370980.

    Abrams SA, Hicks PD, Hawthorne KD. Higher serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels in school-age children are inconsistently associated with increased calcium absorption. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 2009;94:2421-2427. PMID: 19383779.

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