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  • Travel Medicine for Children and Adults Traveling Internationally

    We offer advice on travel-related concerns, including vaccinations

    Texas Children’s Travel Medicine Clinic provides vaccines required to enter foreign countries and those recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization. Certain recommended vaccines may help families reduce the risk of acquiring illnesses during international travel, including travel for international adoption. Our physicians offer family-centered care, providing advice and treatment for the whole family. 

    In addition to vaccinations, the clinic staff offers advice on travel-related concerns, including:

    • Medications to prevent malaria
    • Methods to prevent insect bites
    • Preparation of safe drinking water
    • Preventing altitude and motion sickness
    • Counseling for families with underlying medical conditions that may increase the risk of acquiring infections.

    Vaccines available

    Families should schedule visits at least one month prior to travel. Some vaccines, such as Hepatitis A, take several weeks to take effect while others may require multiple doses. The yellow fever vaccine must be received at least 10 days prior to departure. The travel medicine clinic offers the following vaccinations:

    • Hepatitis A (12 months old and up)
    • Hepatitis B (birth through adult)
    • Immune globulin (protection against Hepatitis A for infants 12 months and younger)
    • Twinrix (a Hepatitis A and B combination vaccine for ages 18 and over)
    • Influenza (6 months old and up)
    • Japanese encephalitis (2 months old and up)
    • MMR (6 months old and up)
    • Meningococcal vaccines for students entering college and those traveling to high-risk areas (9 months and up, including for students entering college)
    • Polio (2 months old and up)
    • Rabies (birth through adult)
    • Typhoid (2 years old andup in shot form; 6 years old and up in pill form)
    • Tetanus, Diphtheria and Acellular Pertussis combination vaccine (2 months old and up)
    • Varicella (12 months old and up)
    • Yellow fever (9 months old and up; our clinic is one of the few designated sites in Houston where the yellow fever vaccine is available)
    • Other routine vaccinations if needed

    Visiting the Clinic

    Before you visit our clinic for your appointment, please review the following information:

    • Please save the personal data form to your computer.
    • Complete and save the required information.
    • Fax the form to Jamia Sweet, RN, (fax number 832-825-1281), along with a copy of your immunization record.
    • Once both documents have been received, you will be contacted to make your appointment.
    • The clinic accepts cash and credit cards. All patients will be evaluated by a physician at no additional charge during the appointment. Group discounts are available for families and school groups. Discounts are available for Texas Children's Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine employees. 
    Our TeamAll our physicians are board certified in Pediatrics and have years of experience in International Medicine.
    Chief of ServiceMary E. Paul, MD
    Clinic PhysiciansSaeed Ahmed, MD
    Tess Barton, MD
    Elizabeth Collins, MD, MPH, DTM
    Susan Gillespie, MD
    Maria H. Kim, MD
    Anna Mandalakas, MD
    NursesMary S. Johnson
    Jamia Sweet, RN
    Administrative LiasonTess Guerrero
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