• Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

    Providing care after an accident, surgery or special diagnostic procedure

    A child may come to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) after an accident or after special diagnostic procedures. Other children are admitted directly after surgery. All children in the center have one thing in common – the need for special, intensive care. Nurses and doctors closely watch every child around the clock. With the help of special equipment, they are able to respond quickly to emergencies.

    For parents and visitors

    Calling the unit

    When parents cannot be with their child, they may call the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit to inquire about the status of their child. To ensure each patient's privacy, only parents may call the unit. Telephones are available in the waiting room for parents to call family and friends.

    Waiting room

    The waiting room is meant to be a comfortable, quiet place for families during a stressful time. A Texas Children's Hospital volunteer or receptionist is at the waiting room desk to assist families and answer questions. Only children 14 years of age or older are permitted in the waiting area. Because of limited space, only parents of intensive care patients are allowed in the waiting room after 9 pm.


    Visiting periods are as long and as flexible as an intensive care setting permits. Two family members may be in the unit during each visiting period. Visitors must be at least 14 years of age. All visitors must wash their hands before they come into the unit. Visitors may need to wear a gown, mask and gloves.

    Related services

    Kangaroo Crew

    Texas Children's Hospital Kangaroo Crew transports critically ill babies and children to Texas Children’s Hospital via ambulance or fixed-wing aircraft.

    Progressive Care Unit (PCU)

    Patients in the Progressive Care Unit (PCU) are acutely or chronically ill and frequently are admitted from intensive care. Nurses take the lead in coordinating care for patients who require continuous monitoring and observation, with special emphasis given to respiratory, neurological and surgical disorders. Many patients depend on technological support, notably those with tracheotomies or negative pressure ventilators (also known as "iron lungs)". Nurses in the PCU teach families to care for their child at home.

    Chief of ServiceLara Shekerdemian, MD, FRACP, FAAP
    Medical Director of PCU Fernando Stein, MD
    Medical Director of QualityEric A. Williams, MD
    Medical Director of PICUJeanine Marie Graf, MD
    Medical Director of CVICUPaul Checchia, MD
    Medical Director of ICU West CampusMoushumi Sur, MD
    Clinic PhysiciansNatasha Afonso, MD
    Ayse Arikan, MD
    Amy Arrington, MD
    Patricia Bastero, MD
    Aarti Bavare, MD
    Ronald Bronicki, MD
    Heather Chandler, MD
    Paul Checchia, MD
    Nana Coleman, MD
    Jorge Coss-Bu, MD
    Moreshwar S. Desai, MD
    Carolina Gazzaneo, MD 
    Jordana Goldman, MD
    Jeanine Marie Graf, MD
    Parag Jain, MD
    Taj Khan, MD
    Mona Karimullah, MD
    Curtis E. Kennedy, MD
    Yi-Chen Lai, MD
    Fong Wilson Lam, MD
    Javier Lasa, MD
    Laura L. Loftis, MD
    Mona L. McPherson, MD
    Matthew Musick, MD
    Trung C. Nguyen, MD
    Renan A. Orellana, MD
    Matthew Pesek, MD 
    Asma Razavi, MD
    Kevin Roy, MD
    Lara Shekerdemian, MD
    Fernando Stein, MD
    Moushumi Sur, MD
    M. Hossein Tcharmtchi, MD
    Satid Thammasitboon, MD
    James Thomas, MD 
    Tessy Thomas, MD
    Sabastian Tume, MD 
    Travis Vesel, MD
    Eric A. Williams, MD
    4th Year InstructorsPam Griffiths
    Ash Resheidat
    FellowsWail Ali
    Zahraa Al-Lawati
    Dalia Bashir
    Nirica Borges 
    Corey Chartan 
    Ryan Coleman
    Caridad Davalos
    Mohammad Ebraheem, 
    Raeley Guess
    Melanie Kitagawa 
    Emily Krennerich
    Erin Kritz
    Jennifer Lee
    Richard Lion
    Andrea Ontaneda
    Spencer Pruitt 
    Brian Rissmiller
    Rocky Tsang 
    Research CoordinatorsUrsula G. Kyle, MS, RD
    Nancy Jaimon, RN, BSN
    Michelle Goldsworthy, RN, BN 
    Nurse Practitioners and Physician AssistantsRuth M. Abelt, NP
    Megan Arnold, PA
    Jana Bishop, PA
    Cristina Clawson, NP
    Elizabeth Elliott, PA
    M. Fatima Garcia, PA
    Kemi Hamed, PA
    Amy Howells, NP
    Andrea Jack, NP
    Lauren Jackson, NP
    Anne Lam, NP
    Jennify Lusk, NP
    Michelle Mann, NP
    Jennifer Mauney, NP
    Wendy Nasser, NP
    Cynthia Nelson, PA
    Elizabeth Neptune, PA
    Patricia Oakland, NP
    Rebecca Paine, PA
    Stephanie Patel, NP
    Mark Riccioni, NP
    Monica Rocha, NP
    Kenya Samuels, PA
    Brooklyn Schneider, PA
    Shamik Shah, NP
    Amanda Shelton, PA
    Jenilea Thomas, NP
    Kathleen Thompson, PA
    Administrative LeadershipGail Parazynski
    Patty Luke
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